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Bathroom Vanity Makeover

I love a good DIY project and I love to save money. With a new baby, I have formula, diapers, wipes and other necessities to buy. So things for my son comes first.
When we bought our mobile home we bought it used. My husband and I have completely remodeled our home. However the bathroom vanities have yet to be remodeled until now. Let's face it. My bathroom vanity was an eye sore!

I was so ashamed when anyone would go into my bathroom. So I decided my vanity needed a facelift. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new vanity, I thought of contact paper.

$ 6 a roll at Walmart, Dollar Stores and several other stores.You can't beat that!

Other than contact paper you will need a ruler or tape measurer and a good pair of scissors.

Make sure to measure the exact size of cabinet doors as well as the rest of vanity. Measure and cut to size. It will make applying so much easier.

You will also need a sock and some type of card that resembles a credit card.

The card and sock are used to smooth out wrinkles when applying Contact Paper. Gently run the card up and down and from side to side. Then rub the sock all over surface were paper is applied.

To successfully apply without paper falling off, make sure to barely remove backing of Contact Paper. DO NOT remove all at once or you will have a big sticky mess with wrinkles galore!!!

This project took about an hour and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the results. I have what looks like a new bathroom vanity for $6. It sure beats hundreds of dollars. The good thing about Contact Paper is that it is removable and it comes in a variety of colors and designs. If you get tired of one design you can always remove paper and re-apply with a new design for only $6.

Here is the end result....

What do you think???

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