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How I saved $100 on groceries without couponing

Go ahead and admit it. Everyone hates grocery shopping. You know what I hate even more? I hate the rediculous price we have to pay for groceries. Now that we only have one income, my husband and I both agreed that we needed to start saving money. Normally when we would go grocery shopping, we would throw what ever seemed appealing at the time into the cart. Only to find, we are having to make several trips back to the store for odds and end things before the next pay day. Truth be told, we would have a cart full of junk and still not end up with much to fix for dinner. This routine was getting extremely  frustrating so I decided I needed to make a change.
   I started meal planning. I now base our meals on a two week period which is Monday thru Friday for both weeks. I plan what I'm going to fix everyday for dinner for those two weeks. My husband and I either eat out on the weekends or order take out. Weekends are my break from cooking lol!

I make a list of everything I need to fix for these dinners including sides to go along with the meals. I also list everything my husband needs to pack for his lunch bucket. We also buy items for lunch at home such as things to make salads, lunch meat, soup and other necessities. In this category; milk, cereal, pop, water, bread and your every day basics are included. 

By doing this, we have saved at least $100 on groceries. Not to mention, less trips to the store.  It does require some planning but it is definitely worth it. This gets all of our grocery shopping done in one trip. The only time I have to go back to the store is if we run out of things to drink or if we need something like bread. So who wants to jump on the band wagon with me and start saving money on groceries?

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