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High Five For Friday

This week has definitely been better than last week. Raylan is still sick but he is doing much better. He has had bronchitis for two weeks now and is still on 3 breathing treatments a day. This week has seemed to go by pretty quickly though. So let's take a look back over the last week.

1) Over the weekend, Raylan and I had a visit from one of my best friends Tina. She brought Raylan and me both some goodies. It was so nice to see her.  I hardly ever get to see her anymore since leaving work.

Raylan loves his aunt Teenie

2) Monday I turned the big 27...Where has the time gone? I shouldn't be this old. My brother also has a birthday this month so our dad celebrated our birthdays together. Dad got us a cake, Tina got me a cookie and my friend Melissa also got me a cookie. All in all I had a wonderful birthday. I received some great gifts from some pretty awesome friends. Most of all I'm thankful for another year of life and for all the wonderful friends and family that I have. God has truly blessed me to have some amazing people in my life.

What's a girl supposed to do with so many delicious treats? I would say I'm dieting but hey it was my birthday. I have an excuse!

3.) Justin and Raylan made me a birthday card. It was my most favorite birthday gift. It was so thoughtful. I will treasure it forever. Having Raylan has made this the best birthday ever!

4) I've been so excited for fall that I have made a few fall crafts this week. I used to never be crafty. I don't know what has gotten into me lately lol.

Fall Candy Corn Centerpiece Tutorial Here

5) Throughout the week I have had Justin helping me decorate for fall. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how everything looks. Fall is my absolute favorite. I'm so excited for all of Raylan's 1st holidays.

Stay tuned for tips on how to have a Frugal Fall. You can have beautiful fall decorations for just a few dollars.

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