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10 Things I Told Myself When I Started Blogging #Blogtober14

 When I started blogging, I really didn't know what to expect. I certainly didn't know where it would take me or all the wonderful people that I would meet through blogging. Below is a list of things I told myself when I first started.

1) I want to share my Faith in God with others
2) I want to share my creativity with others
3) Blogging will be hard. (I've found it to be easy. I guess it's because it's something that I enjoy)
4) I won't have any followers ( I was hard on myself and felt like giving up. I was being a negative Nancy!)
5) I will have all of my posts planned out ( This has been the hardest part lol. I don't always have them planned out. Sometimes it's a spur of the moment kind of thing.)
6) I would use a lot of Social Media to get my blog out there (I'm pretty good about posting to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but I am terrible with posting things on Pinterest SMH)
7) My content would be boring (This was another negative Nancy moment. I'm still dealing with this and trying not to be so hard on myself)
8) Get the word out there about my blog other than social media (So far I've been pretty good about this)
9) Encourage others to start blogging (Still a work in progress but I have encouraged my coousin and one of my friends to start blogging)
10) Keep Going and Don't Give Up!

I'm so thankful that I have started this journey in blogging. God has truly blessed me to meet some wonderful people. Blogging has also helped to bring out my creative side that I never knew I had. I truly enjoy blogging and I hope more people start blogging in the near future.

Helene in Between Blogtober


  1. What a great, honest list! Glad you're blogging :)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. I'm so glad that you started blogging! It's so fun to have you to share this journey with:)

    Tif @ Bright on a Budget


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