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Arm Drop Drag Races

For those of you who know my husband and I,  know what a big race fan my husband is. They also know that if there is a race to attend, then more than likely he will be there. On Saturday my husband and I attended the Hillbilly Armdrop Drag Races in Paintsville, Ky. My husband is one of the many who race at this particular event. We have been several times but this was my favorite time attending.

My husband Justin in his 99 Camaro  (Photo credits of one of my best friends Melissa Fletcher) My phone has way too many pictures and won't allow me to take any more lol

The Armdrop Drag Races are an exciting event to attend. It's an all day event but it isn't very pricey. For my husband to race all day it was only $25 and for admission was only $5 for those who just wanted to watch.

Justin and some of his best friends.

The armdrops are held several times a year in a closed course safe environment in the small towns of Eastern Kentucky including Paintsville, Prestonsburg, and Pikeville.   It is alchohol and drug free. People travel from hundreds of miles and from many different states to compete in the fun filled atmosphere of Illegal Street racing in a legal safe environment. It is held at local airports and large parking lots. 

My husband's car once again

Normally at every race  kids from the ages of 3 to 7 race big wheels on the track during intermission and when they finish, they get to take the big wheel  home. Children also receive toys and normally free shirts at every race.  However at this past race, it was Trunk or Treat. All of the drivers lined up and gave out Halloween Candy from their race cars. It was so fun to see all of the children dressed up in their costumes going from car to car to get candy. 

Justin is racing on the left. I rode down the track with him a few times. It's such an adrenaline rush!

The armdrops also have several booths sat up for purchase of food and apparel. If you have never been before, then I encourage you to attend. It's different than what your normal plans probably include but it is so much fun. It's an adrenaline rush. You are definitely not bored when you attend. If you would like more information on when the next race is contact me and I will definitely let you know. It's good clean fun that the whole family can enjoy!

One of my best friends Melissa on the left, myself in the middle and one of my best friends Cindy on the right.

We all had a blast. It was a little cool so I didn't get to take Raylan, but I can't wait to take him next year. He already loves cars just like his daddy and tries to make car sounds. I know he will have a blast. I love the fact that the races are very family oriented!

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