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Best/Worst Vacation #Blogtober14

I can't say that I have ever had a bad vacation. All of my vacations have been wonderful, especially all of the ones that I have spent with Justin. Last year was our best vacation, when we visited Myrtle Beach before Raylan was born. But of all the vacations I have taken, my last vacation with my mom has been and will always be my favorite.

I wrote this my freshman year of college for one of my English classes. It's a little lengthy, but if you continue to read, you will see why it was my favorite vacation.

Mother’s Dream Came True

One of the most thrilling days that I can recall was when I received the chance to take my mother to Tennessee. At the time, my mother was battling cancer. This had made her second round with the gruesome disease. She first had ovarian cancer when I was in the first semester of my sixth grade year. Later on in the year, she went into remission. Five years later, the second semester of eleventh grade; the devilish disease was back. Mother had a relapse, except this time it was inside of her stomach eating away.
Mother had always dreamed of going to Tennessee. She would beg and plead for father to take her. He would always tell her that we simply did not have enough money to go. I remember her wanting to go so badly. She was facing a troublesome surgery. Large tumors and four inches of her bowels were going to be removed. She wanted to tour Tennessee before the surgery, yet she was about to give up hope of ever getting to go.
I set out on a mission. It was my destination to get mother to Tennessee. I called up a few friends. I spoke to them about my mother’s condition. Their hearts went out to her. An estimated total of two hundred dollars was donated on her behalf. It wasn’t an overflowing amount of cash, but it was merely enough for gas, food, and a motel.
I recall the gratifying look on her face when I gave her the news about the trip. She was overwhelmed with joy. Nothing could make me forget the expression on her feeble, yet beautiful face. We were going to leave on the week of spring break. This way my brother and I wouldn’t have the worry of missing school to deal with.
On an early Tuesday morning at the eight o’ clock hour, we woke up with much enthusiasm about the trip that lie before us. We hurriedly threw all of our luggage into my mother’s 1998 dark green Dodge Stratus and were on our way to Tennessee. After an anticipated four and a half hours, we reached our final destination. The scenery was so magnificent. The air was so cool and crisp. Everything was in full blossom including large rows of multi-colored tulips. So many stores and amusements were there to view. There was so much to do in so little time. We were going to be there for only two days, so we had to make the best of our trip.
The very first thing we did was check into the “Rainbow Motel.” This was also my mother’s first time staying in a motel. Later, we unpacked the luggage and let my mother rest for a short time span. It was no time until she was ready to go again. Next, we saw the beautiful Smokey Mountains. It was much different than Gatlinburg. I remember starting up the long twisted road and going through tunnels to get to the top. We kept seeing something that seemed like fog. When we got closer, we came to much realization that it was snow. It was a miraculous sight to behold. There was at least six inches of it, if not more. It was so amazing how that up on the mountain top there could be so much snow, but down in the valley there was none and everything was in full blossom. My mother was in awe at such beauty that was placed before her.
Later that evening we went shopping at all the local stores in the town of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Also my uncle and I took a ride on a helicopter. Mother so desperately wanted to, but wasn’t able. There was so much that she longed to do but couldn’t, for she was getting weaker by the minute. We ordered food, but mother was unable to stomach it. The cancer was making her deathly ill. She was determined not to let anything ruin her long awaited vacation. We stayed out until ten o’ clock that night. All of us were tired, but it was worth it just to see the smile on mother’s face.
At seven o’ clock am, the morning had come too soon. Mother’s trip was nearing an end. She had been up the night before vomiting. She didn’t get any rest, yet she was willing to make the best of her last day in Tennessee. I helped load up our belongings and placed them in our family car. A decision was made to do the rest of the touring while on our way home. From Gatlinburg to Pigeon Forge, numerous photographs were taken of everything you could possibly think of. It was a heartfelt memory that my mother and I could keep forever.
A few days later, mother had to go in for the traumatizing operation. It was something that we so badly dreaded, especially her. After the surgery she wasn’t able to do much, she had some recuperating to do. I was glad that I could bring forth a smile to her face. I’m pleased that I could make her dream come true. If I had it to do over again, I most definitely would. It was worth everything just to bring happiness into her life for a couple of days.  It is such a thrill making someone’s wishes and dreams come true, especially if it is your own mother’s.

In Loving Memory of My Mom Sharon Setser
January 17 1950- December 16, 2005

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  1. I read this earlier this week and didn't get a chance to comment. This is so beautiful, and a wonderful memory. I'm so glad your mom got to have that experience!

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