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High Five For Friday

It seems like this week has flown by. I guess I've just been super busy and couldn't keep up lol. However, I'm so glad it is Friday. Let's take a look back at the last week.

1) On Saturday I watched my husband race at the Hillbilly Arm Drop Drag Races. He did really well. You can read all about the races here

My husband's 99 Camaro SS

2) Sunday our church had our annual Homecoming. We had an amazing service with great singing, preaching and food.

My brother and I at Homecoming

3) Monday and Tuesday were such beautiful warm days. I took Raylan to a pumpkin patch and rode him in his wagon. He had a blast. You can read all about the pumpkin patch here

I loved the Olaf  pumpkin from Frozen

Pay no mind to my dad's bad photo taking skills lol ( Raylan, myself and my brother)

4) Yesterday was our Trick or Treat in the county. Justin and I, had so much fun taking Raylan. He wasn't afraid of any of the costumes. It was just so much fun to watch his little expressions. It was cold though, so we only took him to a few places. Next year will really be fun!

5) Happy Halloween Everyone! It's Raylan's 1st Halloween! I may or may not be putting my Christmas Tree up this weekend lol.  I'm just so excited for all of Raylan's 1st Holidays.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Love all those First Pumpkin pictures!!! So sweet! The first Halloween is such fun. And woohoo for your husband racing in a drag race. Awesome!

  2. First holidays with your little one are the best! But I do have to say this year my daughter is 3 and I feel like she really understands what is going on with everything. You have so much to look forward to. :)


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