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If any of you pack lunch for work for yourselves or for your husbands, then you know that lunch food definitely isn't cheap. I like to stockpile. It saves me time and money. One of my favorite places to shop to add to my stockpile is Sam's Club. With Sam's Club, you have to have a membership to shop. It's about $45 annually. Which isn't bad at all considering how much you save by shopping there. If you don't have a Sam's Club nearby you could also visit a local Costco. They are sort of alike.

I typically like to stockpile on several different items including gatorade, mixed fruit and potato chips. With making a trip to Sam's Club, I usually only have to go about once every 6 weeks. This cuts out on items I have to buy on my bi-weekly grocery shopping trip. Not to mention, it saves on my grocery bill.

Let's compare Sam's Club item's which come in larger quantities than what you would normally find at Walmart.

Sam's Club - Herr's Variety Pak 42 count $9.28      Walmart - Herr's Variety Pak 32 Count - $9.48

Fruit Roll-ups 56ct $8.98                                          Fruit Roll-ups 30ct $5.98

Fruit Gushers 36ct $8.98                                          Fruit Gushers 20ct $5.98

Nabisco Cookie Variety Pack 24 packs $8.98          Not offered at Walmart

Del Monte Fruit to go cups 16pk $6.98                    Del Monte Fruit to go cups 12 pk $6

Gatorade Variety Pack 12oz-28pk $12.98                Gatorade Variety Pack 12oz-18pk $ 8.68

Member's Mark Water 40pk- $3.98                           Not offered at Walmart

Chatham Village Croutons 32oz-$5.98                      Not offered at Walmart

I also like to buy my Laundry Detergent at Sam's Club. I get more for my money. Sam's Club is most likely going to be cheaper in the long run for your groceries and many other household items. You get more items which ends up being the cheapest route. When you add the items up separately, you are saving at least a few cents per item when buying at a store like Sam's Club.

So why should you stockpile?  It saves you money, but only if you spend your money on things that you were going to buy anyway. You also spend less time in stores and you are prepared for emergencies.

How do you get started stockpiling? Figure out how long you need your storage to last. This could range anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Start by watching sales at your local grocery stores and buy a membership at your local Sam's Club or Costco.

Make sure to set a budget for how much you plan on spending for your stockpile. I recommend anywhere from $5-$20 per shopping trip. Set aside this amount for stockpile items only.

Everyone can create a stockpile and save money, it’s the smart thing to do, but you don’t need to go crazy with coupons to do it.

Do you have a stockpile? What items do you buy the most that would require making a stockpile.

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  1. I think this is a great post, with good comparisons!

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