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Downsizing the Diaper Bag

For over a year I have carried a shoulder breaking diaper bag. It had everything under the sun in it. I also carried a purse too. All while carrying my child to and from places. Once Raylan got off formula and on whole milk, I started packing a thermal bag too for his milk. Here is what I have been dealing with up until now.

I had been packing all 3 of these bags. It was just too much. I would much rather stay home than to have to pack all of these. It wore me out. So I took the plunge and ordered a bag big enough for me and Raylan. I purchased this beautiful Periwinkle Merona bag from Target for only $34.99

It has 3 large compartments. It's perfect for me and Raylan and It's perfect for spring.

I use the two outer compartments for me and use only the middle compartment for all of Raylan's things. I just pack his necessary items and those include
-Sippy Cup
-Diaper Rash Ointment
-Extra Outfit

I also include this Thirty One Mini Zipper Pouch (Polka Dots not in stock)  with some Tylenol, a syringe,  a thermometer and an extra paci. 

These are must haves. You never know when you will need these.

Since I have downsized, my life as a mommy has been much more simple. Now I don't dread leaving the house for fear of having to tackle all of those bags. This one bag is so much easier to pack. It's a purse and a mom bag. My shoulders don't feel like they are breaking anymore either. Thank God for big purses.

I'd love to hear from you. What are your Diaper Bag Downsizing ideas?

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