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Welcome to the High Five For Friday link-up hosted by Tif, KatieCaitlin and myself. I hope you enjoy your stay.

This weeks featured blogger is Nancy@NY Foodie Family. It's a great blog. Nancy posts recipes, movie reviews and so much more. She recently did a post about Chocolate Themed Reads for Kids that I loved. Her blog is really helpful especially when you want to find a new recipe. You definitely should check it out.

I must say that this has been a fantastic week. Raylan and I have enjoyed the sunshine and have definitely made the most of it. Anyway let's get to my favorites from this past week.

1) Justin and I have been attempting to redecorate our home a little at a time. We haven't accomplished much yet but we did manage to buy a new TV so that's a start right? I'm excited though lol 

2) Raylan made his first trip down a slide. At first, I thought he was going to enjoy it until he actually started sliding down. Then he didn't like it at all and started wanting off.

3) We were able to go to the park twice this week. Raylan had a blast and so did I. I loved watching him run and play. He truly is my best friend.

4) Now that spring is here, I'm thinking of a makeover. Help me decide what I should do with my hair. Which colors suit me best?

5) Our Relay for Life team had our first team meeting for the year. It was a success. Due to the previous weather, we have had to postpone it until now. I'm excited about all of our fundraising ideas and can't wait until relay. Raylan and the kiddos at the meeting had a blast too.

Well that's a wrap for me. I hope everyone has a wonderful fun filled weekend :) May God bless you!

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