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Surprise party for my aunt

My aunt Janet found out last year that she has small cell lung cancer. It is a fast spreading Cancer that is non curable. Over the past year she has had to endure so much. She has had surguries and chemotherapy. There have been days that she hasn't even been able to get out of bed. For a brief time she went into remission, but now the cancer is back. The oncologists are only giving her 3-6 months to live but we know that God is the only one who knows this.  

Janet has always been the life of the party so for her birthday, we wanted to throw her a surprise party. Janet's two daughters and son along with myself, started party planning about a month and a half ago. We made a private Facebook event to set things in motion. We invited several family and friends. We invited several family members which she hadn't seen in years. We also invited family and friends who lived out of state who she would have never guessed would be there. 

Her first expression when she entered the room and saw everyone there. 

She was so shocked and happy. I just love this photo. 

Her favorite colors are yellow, lilac and blue. We tried to encorporate all of these colors into the party. 

Of course I made the cake 

We did a single yellow rose on each table for the centerpieces. Yellow roses are her favorite. This is my dad and his sister Brenda. 

Aunt Jan, myself and Raylan 

Myself and aunt Jan again

My aunt and her children 

I love this photo. She was so excited to see my dad. 

My brother and my aunt. 

My aunt and her siblings 

Her granddaughter Lexi smearing cake in her face lol 

We were able to get a photo of everyone 

I am so pleased with how it turned out. We had such a good crowd. She really enjoyed herself and so did we. It meant the world to see the look of pure joy on her face. I am very close to her and I only pray that God lets her live a lot longer. She has been such a big influence in my life. She is such a joy to be around. I'm so thankful God blessed us to share this special day with her. 

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