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Toddler Life

Since Raylan has became a toddler many changes have occurred. My sweet baby that I once did everything for has became more independent. It breaks my heart to see him grow up so fast yet it warms my heart at the same time. It is such a joy to see him accomplish new things. Although toddler life is not easy at all, in fact it is quite hard. I mean the tantrums Raylan throws are rough. He is not sleeping good. He used to sleep all night long but now he wakes up several times through out the night. But all in all I love this stage. I'm learning new things from him everyday. We both are growing. Here is what Raylan is up to lately.

He absolutely loves to be outside. He finds the outdoors so intriguing. 

He loves the park. His favorite is the swing. The slide not so much. 

He doesn't like to be fed anymore. He wants to be a big boy and feed himself. As you can tell, it can get messy fast. 

He loves play dates with his friends. 

He loves Alphabet and number blocks. He will pick them out one at a time and bring them to me. He wants me to tell him what each one is. Sometimes he will repeat what I have said. He also loves for me to sing the alphabet and numbers to him. 

- He enjoys wagon rides 
-He is fascinated by all animals 
-He is trying to form sentences such as "My Daddy"
- His vocabulary is expanding to bigger words. He can say yellow, mean, baby, bath and ball are just a few. 
-He has 13 teeth
-He loves to eat. His favorite snack is cheese puffs. 
-Peek a boo and Hide and Seek are his favorite games.
-Bath time is his favorite. 
-He loves cars and says vroom vroom all the time. 
-He is constantly on the move and never sits still for even 5 minutes. 

I love my little toddler and this stage is so much fun. I wouldn't change a thing even if I could. I truly feel like this is the best learning stage.

I would love to hear from you. What is your toddler up to these days?

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