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Toddler Summer Bucket List

Last Summer Raylan was just a tiny baby. He couldn't even sit up on his own yet, so we didn't get to do much. I am so excited for this Summer! Now that he is walking well running most of the time and into everything, there are so many things that we can do. I have a Bucket List of things I would like to get to do with him and so many memories I want to make. Some I have already had the chance to do and yet so many things I want to do.

  • Go on a Treasure Hunt
  • Go Swimming
  • Take a trip to the Zoo, better yet a petting zoo. (Raylan loves animals)
  • Take a trip to the Aquarium
  • Go to a Carnival
  • Play in the Rain
  • Play in the sand. View my friend Katie's Awesome DIY Sand Box Tutorial
  • Chalk Art
  • Go Fishing
  • Make a Splash Pad
  • Attend Vacation Bible School
  • Make Edible Paint
  • Play in the Mud
  • Have several play dates
  • Get plenty of Sno Cones
  • Watch Fireworks
  • Roast Marshmallows
  • Take several trips to the park
  • Blow bubbles
  • Make a DIY Sprinkler System for Raylan to run through.

I know there are probably several things that I simply cannot think of at the time, but I do know that I want Raylan to have a wonderful fun filled Summer. What's on your Bucket List of Things to do with your children? 

High Five For Friday!

Yay it's Friday! Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday Link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Caitlin @Coffee With Caitlin, Katie @ Cup of Tea and myself. Make yourself right at home and enjoy your stay.

This week's featured blogger is Laura @ Snippets & Snapshots. Laura is a writer and she loves Photography. She recently did a blog post about Strengths that I love. We need to uplift ourselves more  and be more positive. We need not to be down and hard on ourselves all the time.  I also loved her Bucket List Post. It was neat to see all the things she had done especially traveling.

My favorites from this past week were:

1) We celebrated Father's Day all weekend long. We had a busy but great one. On Saturday, I took my dad out for dinner. On Sunday, We visited Justin's dad and took him some gifts that he had been wanting. Later Sunday evening, we took Justin out to eat. See what I mean by saying it was busy? I was exhausted but we all had a blast.

2) Sunday was also National Wear Your Lilly Day so of course I had to do a blog post about that. I just love all things Lilly!

3) Raylan had Bronchitis last week and is still on nebulizer treatments. He no longer wants me to give him the treatments. He thinks he is a big boy and wants to give them to himself. He is becoming a pro at it.

4) We have had Vacation Bible School this week. The theme is Camp Courage. We have had so much fun. 

5) While this isn't at all my favorite, however my aunt is my favorite.  My aunt Janet could really use your prayers. She has cancer and isn't doing well at all. The doctors are only giving her a few days  left and have sent hospice in to be with her. God is the great almighty physician and only he knows how long she has. Please pray for my aunt and all of the family. We love her dearly.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Try to get out and enjoy it. May God Bless You!

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National Lilly Day Recap-- See Ya Later Shift

I hope everyone had a fantastic Father's Day Weekend! We had a busy but great one. On Saturday, I took my dad out for dinner. On Sunday, We visited Justin's dad and took him some gifts that he had been wanting. Later Sunday evening, we took Justin out to eat. See what I mean by saying it was busy? I was exhausted! Yesterday was also National Wear Your Lilly Day! Today Tif from Bright On A Budget and I are showing off our See Ya Later shift dresses in celebration of NWYLD.

  My great and long time friend Tif introduced me to Lilly Pulitzer and I have been in love ever since. I love all things Lilly. I love anything with bright colors and patterns so naturally Lilly Pulitzer is right up my alley. I had been wanting to make a Lilly purchase for quite sometime but didn't want to shell out  money for some of the pricey items. So when I heard about Lilly For Target, I was ecstatic. Lilly For Target was actually very affordable and fit right into my tight budget.

    The dress I am wearing today is from the Lilly For Target line. It was exciting shopping the Lilly For Target but nerve wracking at the same time. You had to know exactly what you wanted and you had to be prepared. I actually missed out on several items that I wanted. I didn't think I was going to get a shift dress in my size but luckily Tif was quick on the draw and scored this shift dress for me. She was determined and she made sure I had my dress. She is so much fun to shop with! Here is how I styled my See Ya Later Shift Dress for Father's Day Weekend. Sorry in advance for the not so great photos. It rained all weekend so  I had to take my photos inside Walmart, but Oh well you get the point, right?

Dress: Lilly for Target (sold out  Option 1Option 2)
Michael Kors Wristlet/Crossbody - Similar 

Don't forget to stop by Tif @ Bright On A Budget to see how she styled her See Ya Later Shift! Did you celebrate National Wear Your Lilly Day?

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Yay it's Friday! Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday Link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Caitlin @Coffee With Caitlin, Katie @ Cup of Tea and myself. Make yourself right at home and enjoy your stay.

This week's featured blogger is Jess @ To Sparkle Punch . Jess writes a lot of inspirational posts which I really enjoy reading and find helpful. She also posts a lot of items that are budget friendly which are definitely helpful in this day and time. Make sure to check out her blog. 

1) Last Friday, Raylan had his 3rd haircut. He did so well for his first cut but the last two, not so much. This was what I had to deal with the whole time. Poor little guy :/ He hates haircuts!

2) One of my best friend's has a major love for purses, so for her birthday I attempted my first purse cake. It's not the best but at least she loved it. I really enjoyed making it.

3)  I saw this image on Facebook and I absolutely love it! It says so much. No matter our circumstances, we don't need to give up. We need to keep pressing on! Life can try to take us under sometimes, but we don't need to let it sink us.

4)  I made my favorite go to Orange Creme Fudge. It's so delicious. You must try it! It's the best fudge you will ever eat. 

5) I've started the whole potty training process with Raylan and I'm happy to report that he went 4 times in one day to it. I think he is doing great for 16 months old.  By the way, please keep him in your prayers. He has Bronchitis and he feels so bad. 


Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday Link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Caitlin @ Coffee With Caitlin, Katie @ Cup of Tea and myself. Make yourself right at home and enjoy your stay.

This week's featured blogger is Kat from Lemondade Linings. Kat is a freelance writer who lives in Wisconsin with her fiance' and their adorable dog. She blogs about many things including recipes, style, beauty and organization. I always enjoy reading her blog and I know you will too.  

This week has went by slow but overall it was a good week. However, I'm glad it's Friday. I love long weekends with the hubby. Here are my favorites from this week. 

1) Last Saturday, Raylan and I attended Tif @ Bright on a budgets little boys second birthday. We had so much fun. Raylan loved the play area that was at the party. 

2) Raylan and his cousins spent some much needed time together this week. He always has so much fun with them. 

3) This is my current mood right now lol 

4) We have had some very hot weather this week so we have been stuck inside until late of the evenings. Raylan has made good use of the time though. He has a new found love for coloring. 

5) I know I'm late on the band wagon but I started watching Orange is the new Black. I'm addicted! I'm currently catching up on both seasons.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a blessed weekend.


A few weeks ago, I heard about the Chobani Flips Break You Make initiative about doing a post on someone in my life who could use a break. I knew just the perfect person in my life that I could nominate and that was my dad.

After losing his wife (my mother) in 2005 due to a long battle with Ovarian Cancer, my dad was left to care for my handicapped brother and I.  It seems as if my dad has had such bad luck since my mom passed away. His health started rapidly declining soon after my mothers passing.  In May 2011 he was diagnosed with colon cancer himself. Dad had to undergo surgery in which 30% of his colon was removed. With the help of God and physicians, the cancer was gone. No chemotherapy and radiation was needed after surgery.   
    Things were finally starting to look up, but then they went south again. In August of that year my dad was hospitalized with Congestive Heart Failure. Several pounds of fluid had to be taken off of him during this time. While in the hospital, my dad learned that he was also in kidney failure. It seems that from such high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure his kidneys had really taken a toll. He was losing blood through his kidneys which also caused him to be anemic. Soon after being discharged from the hospital, back to the cancer center he went. A series of tests were done to make sure that the cancer had not came back. Thankfully the cancer was not back! However dad would have to start making bi-weekly trips to the cancer center to receive injections that would build his hemoglobin back up. The diabetes also caused bleeding behind his eyes which requires painful injections in his eyes.  If he doesn't do the injections he will lose his eyesight. This has been going on since 2011. 
     As of this year, my dads kidney levels have went from bad to worse. If a miracle does not take place he will soon have to start dialysis. He has been through so much. He is so worn out from so many doctors appointments and constant blood work. He really could use a break. Life should not have to be so hard. My dad could really use some enjoyable moments. He needs some fun and happiness in his life. 
  My dad said the best moments in his life have been since I had his first grandchild ( my son Raylan) in 2014. He loves his grand baby so much but he is unable to help tend to him. My dad can no longer walk through a store without the assistance of a wheelchair. It breaks his heart to not be able to play with his grandson and perform daily activities like he once did. Please pray that he can catch a break and be able to enjoy life a little. Any and all prayers for my dad would greatly be appreciated. 

My brother Blaine Adam, my dad Blaine, my son Raylan and myself taken last summer 2014. 

By the way if you haven't tried Chobani Greek Yogurt, you are missing out. It's the best yogurt that you will ever eat! I had never tried Greek Yogurt until a few months ago when my friend introduced it to me. Now I will never eat another type of yogurt.

High Five For Friday

Hello! Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday link-up with Tif@Bright On A Budget, Katie@Cup of Tea, Caitlin@ Coffee With Caitlin and myself. We hope you enjoy your visit. 

Every week we feature a blogger and this week's featured blogger is Rachel @ Garay Treasures. Rachel is a stay at home mom of 4 who was previously a special education teacher. She blogs about fashion, everyday life, faith and children. She is a woman of strong faith who has really inspired me. Some of her recent posts have been so uplifting. Rachel has become a great friend. I hope you will take the time to view her blog.

Well I must say this has been a much better week. I have actually had the chance to relax and that has felt so good. I hope you all have had a good week too. 

1) Raylan went swimming for the first time ever last week. He absolutely loved it! He splashed and splashed. It was so much fun watching him have a blast. 

2) On Saturday, our oldest nephew graduated high school. It's so hard to believe he is actually old enough to graduate and go to college. I am so proud of him!

3) I guess it was a week of firsts for Raylan. Justin and I took him fishing for the first time Sunday evening. He loved being at the lake but he was a little scared of the big fish that Justin caught. In Raylan's defense,  the fish was almost as big as him lol. 

It's so hard to get a photo of Raylan looking anymore. This was us fishing. 

Justin's fish that scared Raylan lol!

4) Many of you may not know, but my brother has been through a lot. Yes he has a learning disability but that does not make him any less of a person. He is by far the most intelligent and wittiest kid I know. He has overcame so many obstacles that the doctors said would never be possible only with the help of God. Anyway I just want to share this photo with you that he took himself. Lately he has taken an interest in photography so I have been working with him. I asked him to take a photo of anything he wanted and he said "The Sky." I am so proud of him and this photo. I think he did a great job! To some of you it may not be much but to me it's a lot. I'm glad he is learning to like a hobby. I'm a proud sister. He was so excited when he took it!

I just wanted to share this with my wonderful blogging family. I think he did great!

5) While Raylan was napping, I crafted a 4th of July wreath. It's simple and doesn't have a lot done to it but I like it!

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No More Excuses!

While in our Sunday Morning Church Service yesterday, something really hit home. Our pastor talked of how we make excuses and that they need to stop!

We can come up with any excuse to miss church but would those excuses work anywhere else. 
Would the excuse of I was too tired go well with your boss at work? What about I just didn't feel like coming in today? Could the excuse of I just needed rest or I had a headache be the reason you didn't take your child to school? What about "My husband and I were fighting so I wasn't in the mood for Church." The bottom line is none of these excuses would work anywhere else, so why does God get put on the back burner? 

He is our creator. He is the reason we exist. Shouldn't praising him be the most important of all? 

Sure there are times when we absolutely can't make it to worship. The babies are sick or we are sick ourselves or there was an emergency. Some of us may have to work on Sunday's. God knows these things and he understands them. But when we miss for the sake of being lazy, there really is no excuse. We should put a little more effort into serving God. Jesus was tired and the cross got heavy but he still carried it up Calvary's hill to shed his blood and die for us so that we could have life eternal. I'm sure he didn't feel like going through being beaten, mocked, spat upon, crown of thorns and nails being pierced in him but he did it because he loved us. He wanted us to have hope and a chance at life again. Surely if he can do all of this for us, then we can put more effort into serving him. 

After this sermon, I felt so ashamed. I have missed church so many times because I was too tired or maybe because I had somewhere else to go. I vowed yesterday from now on to always put God first. No more excuses! Can you make this same vow too?

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