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A few weeks ago, I heard about the Chobani Flips Break You Make initiative about doing a post on someone in my life who could use a break. I knew just the perfect person in my life that I could nominate and that was my dad.

After losing his wife (my mother) in 2005 due to a long battle with Ovarian Cancer, my dad was left to care for my handicapped brother and I.  It seems as if my dad has had such bad luck since my mom passed away. His health started rapidly declining soon after my mothers passing.  In May 2011 he was diagnosed with colon cancer himself. Dad had to undergo surgery in which 30% of his colon was removed. With the help of God and physicians, the cancer was gone. No chemotherapy and radiation was needed after surgery.   
    Things were finally starting to look up, but then they went south again. In August of that year my dad was hospitalized with Congestive Heart Failure. Several pounds of fluid had to be taken off of him during this time. While in the hospital, my dad learned that he was also in kidney failure. It seems that from such high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure his kidneys had really taken a toll. He was losing blood through his kidneys which also caused him to be anemic. Soon after being discharged from the hospital, back to the cancer center he went. A series of tests were done to make sure that the cancer had not came back. Thankfully the cancer was not back! However dad would have to start making bi-weekly trips to the cancer center to receive injections that would build his hemoglobin back up. The diabetes also caused bleeding behind his eyes which requires painful injections in his eyes.  If he doesn't do the injections he will lose his eyesight. This has been going on since 2011. 
     As of this year, my dads kidney levels have went from bad to worse. If a miracle does not take place he will soon have to start dialysis. He has been through so much. He is so worn out from so many doctors appointments and constant blood work. He really could use a break. Life should not have to be so hard. My dad could really use some enjoyable moments. He needs some fun and happiness in his life. 
  My dad said the best moments in his life have been since I had his first grandchild ( my son Raylan) in 2014. He loves his grand baby so much but he is unable to help tend to him. My dad can no longer walk through a store without the assistance of a wheelchair. It breaks his heart to not be able to play with his grandson and perform daily activities like he once did. Please pray that he can catch a break and be able to enjoy life a little. Any and all prayers for my dad would greatly be appreciated. 

My brother Blaine Adam, my dad Blaine, my son Raylan and myself taken last summer 2014. 

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