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High Five For Friday

Hello! Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday link-up with Tif@Bright On A Budget, Katie@Cup of Tea, Caitlin@ Coffee With Caitlin and myself. We hope you enjoy your visit. 

Every week we feature a blogger and this week's featured blogger is Rachel @ Garay Treasures. Rachel is a stay at home mom of 4 who was previously a special education teacher. She blogs about fashion, everyday life, faith and children. She is a woman of strong faith who has really inspired me. Some of her recent posts have been so uplifting. Rachel has become a great friend. I hope you will take the time to view her blog.

Well I must say this has been a much better week. I have actually had the chance to relax and that has felt so good. I hope you all have had a good week too. 

1) Raylan went swimming for the first time ever last week. He absolutely loved it! He splashed and splashed. It was so much fun watching him have a blast. 

2) On Saturday, our oldest nephew graduated high school. It's so hard to believe he is actually old enough to graduate and go to college. I am so proud of him!

3) I guess it was a week of firsts for Raylan. Justin and I took him fishing for the first time Sunday evening. He loved being at the lake but he was a little scared of the big fish that Justin caught. In Raylan's defense,  the fish was almost as big as him lol. 

It's so hard to get a photo of Raylan looking anymore. This was us fishing. 

Justin's fish that scared Raylan lol!

4) Many of you may not know, but my brother has been through a lot. Yes he has a learning disability but that does not make him any less of a person. He is by far the most intelligent and wittiest kid I know. He has overcame so many obstacles that the doctors said would never be possible only with the help of God. Anyway I just want to share this photo with you that he took himself. Lately he has taken an interest in photography so I have been working with him. I asked him to take a photo of anything he wanted and he said "The Sky." I am so proud of him and this photo. I think he did a great job! To some of you it may not be much but to me it's a lot. I'm glad he is learning to like a hobby. I'm a proud sister. He was so excited when he took it!

I just wanted to share this with my wonderful blogging family. I think he did great!

5) While Raylan was napping, I crafted a 4th of July wreath. It's simple and doesn't have a lot done to it but I like it!

Don't forget to link up with us below...Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Lovely 4th of July wreath. Aww that just touches my heart too about your brother and what a lovely photo. Yay for firsts, for Raylan! Thanks for hosting and for your kind message about me and for the feature. You uplift me as well more than you know.,

    Garay Treasures

  2. It looks like you guys had a wonderful week. That spey about Raylan and the fish made me laugh! And I love your brother's picture!


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