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No More Excuses!

While in our Sunday Morning Church Service yesterday, something really hit home. Our pastor talked of how we make excuses and that they need to stop!

We can come up with any excuse to miss church but would those excuses work anywhere else. 
Would the excuse of I was too tired go well with your boss at work? What about I just didn't feel like coming in today? Could the excuse of I just needed rest or I had a headache be the reason you didn't take your child to school? What about "My husband and I were fighting so I wasn't in the mood for Church." The bottom line is none of these excuses would work anywhere else, so why does God get put on the back burner? 

He is our creator. He is the reason we exist. Shouldn't praising him be the most important of all? 

Sure there are times when we absolutely can't make it to worship. The babies are sick or we are sick ourselves or there was an emergency. Some of us may have to work on Sunday's. God knows these things and he understands them. But when we miss for the sake of being lazy, there really is no excuse. We should put a little more effort into serving God. Jesus was tired and the cross got heavy but he still carried it up Calvary's hill to shed his blood and die for us so that we could have life eternal. I'm sure he didn't feel like going through being beaten, mocked, spat upon, crown of thorns and nails being pierced in him but he did it because he loved us. He wanted us to have hope and a chance at life again. Surely if he can do all of this for us, then we can put more effort into serving him. 

After this sermon, I felt so ashamed. I have missed church so many times because I was too tired or maybe because I had somewhere else to go. I vowed yesterday from now on to always put God first. No more excuses! Can you make this same vow too?

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  1. Such a great reminder, Della! Thank you for sharing this. I need to be better about not having excuses for a lot of things, not just attending church!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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