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Affordable Fashion and Where to Find it.

Recently in the last year, I have found my own style and  I now have a love for fashion. I used to loathe going shopping. I felt like nothing suited me or fit right. With the help of my fabulous friend Tif @ Bright On A Budget and her great fashion sense, I slowly started to love fashion. However, I do not love the price tag that comes along with most clothing nowadays. Being on a tight budget, I'm all for great deals. I truly believe that you can find fashionable pieces of clothing and accessories most anywhere. With that being said,  I am starting a mini blog series of posts on Affordable Fashion and Where to find it.

Enter the Classic Knit Skater Dress in Mint

This mint Skater Dress was found at Rue 21. I have a great love for Rue 21. They usually always have amazing deals and they have a variety of different styles. They have something for everyone's sense of fashion. I feel like this is the type of dress that can be worn almost anywhere. It can be worn to church, on a date or to an event. It is classy and elegant. I dressed it up with a Pink Necklace and matching earrings from Paparazzi jewelry. If you aren't familiar with Paparazzi Jewelry, It's a company that offers most pieces of Jewelry for only $5. This includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headbands and so much more. The pink necklace really makes the mint dress stand out. It's the perfect look for Summer. Mint is a color that never goes out of style. I also styled this look with a pair of Black Rampage Peshmina Sandals that are on sale at Peebles/Goody's.

Classic Knit Skater Dress  Similar was $17.99 now on sale for $10
Rampage Peshmina Sandals in Black was $40. Clearance $19.99

This look was achieved for only $42.98. I had to pay full price for the dress but you can find it now on sale. 

A cute summer look for less than $50. It's a perfect win for me! What do you think?

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