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Top 2 Lip Shades For Summer

I used to never be a lip stick, lip gloss kind of girl. I would always wear chapstick and just preferred to go natural. I guess you could say that I just didn't feel comfortable with brighter lip colors. Well recently that all changed and I am so glad it did. Now I love wearing different lip shades! I like to change the colors up for each season. Here are my 2 Favorite Lip Shades For Summer...

I really love the NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake as shown below

This color just screams Summer! I love that it's not too bright or too dark. It's the perfect shade of hot pink. I like to wear a lot of pink so this is the perfect go to color. The butter gloss goes on so smooth and has a glossy look to it. It doesn't feel heavy on your lips like a lot of lip glosses do,

Now my absolute favorite is Red Velvet NYX Butter Lip Balm as shown here below

If you know me then you know that a red lip color was always out of my comfort zone. I always felt like red never suited me or anything that I wore. I felt like I was too pale for red. All of that changed, when I was introduced to the Red Velvet Butter Lip Balm. I love that it's a color tinted lip balm. After all, lip balm has always been my area of expertise. Now I love red lip color and I wear this most all of the time. I feel like a red lip goes great with anything and it never goes out of style.

Now for me, the brighter the lip the better. The best thing about these are that they seem to last for a while so reapplying isn't a frequent pain.  What are your favorite Summer lip shades?

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