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High Five For Friday

Hello and Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday Link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Katie@ Cup of TeaCaitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin and myself. Make yourself right at home and please be sure to enjoy your stay.

This week's featured blogger is Colletta @Colletta's Kitchen Sink. Colletta is a stay at home mom and a daughter of the king. She loves to read, bake and spend time with her family. She has a lot of book reviews and recipes which are always up my alley. Stop by her blog and say hello!

This week has been busy busy busy. My dad has had several doctors appointments and Raylan had his 18 month shots so it has been rough to say the least. Please keep my dad in your prayers. He has to have a port put in Monday in order to be able to start dialysis. I'm still praying for his kidneys to be healed. There is nothing that my God cannot do! Let's rewind shall we!
1) Raylan has went to several races; after all his daddy is a drag racer, but he attended his first big track race on Friday night. He loved it! He kept saying Vroom Vroom. It was too cute.
2) In our area, we have an annual airport day. It consists of airplane and helicopter rides, car shows, singing and food. There is always a big crowd and it is so much fun. It was Raylan's first time attending. He loved watching the helicopters and airplanes take off. He really enjoyed getting to sit inside them and threw a tantrum when he had to get out.

3)  On Monday my husband was featured on the Coal Miner's Bride Facebook page. You can read about him here.  I'm so thankful for all of his hard work and all that he does for our family.
4) I was also featured on the Mom Bloggers Club on Tuesday. I was so excited! All moms should join this club. It's a great blogging community. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. You can view the full comment here.
5) Speaking of blogs, this has been a fun week for the H54F crew. We had our first google hangout and it was a success. I had so much fun. Thank you to everyone who watched and interacted with us. We really enjoyed it. If you missed it you can watch it right here. 
Don't forget Our next live hangout is scheduled for September 24th, so please try to join us.
Well that's a wrap for now. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. God bless everyone!

H54F Google Hangout Tonight

For our fellow bloggers and regular readers, you know I've been hosting the High Five for Friday linkup with Katie,  Caitlin and Tif for a while now! One of our goals was to make H54F a community of bloggers. One where we get to know one another, support each other as bloggers, and have fun!
We've talked about starting a monthly Google Hangout for a while now, and tonight is the night!
Join us TONIGHT at 9:30PM EST for our very first LIVE Google Hangout!
Here's how it will work.
At 9:30PM you'll be able to watch a live stream of me, KatieCaitlin and Tif gabbing away! Since this is our first Hangout, we're planning a little "get to know us" session.
There are quite a few ways to watch! You can watch right here, on this post!


You can also watch on Google+ or YouTube!
You don't need a Google+ account to watch. BUT you will need one if you want to ask us questions live. But if you don't have one, no worries! You can still watch LIVE!
If you can't make it, don't worry about that either! We will be recording, and it will be available to watch later, whenever you want.
We are so excited to have you join us at 9:30PM tonight! Just remember, this is our first time. It could be really entertaining, or a really big failure! But either way, it will be worth watching. HAHA!
See you tonight!

Magic Cookie Bars

The best recipes are those you make with family and friends. My dad and I both love to cook and bake. He is the one who taught me everything I know about cooking and baking. One of our favorite desserts to make together is Magic Cookie Bars. We have made this particular dessert for years. It's so simple to make yet so delicious. I present to you Magic Cookie Bars!

The ingredients needed are the following:

1 box of Graham Crackers 
2 tbsp Sugar
3 Sticks of Butter 
1 7oz bag of Coconut 
1 12 oz bag of Milk Chocolate Chips
2 14 oz cans of Sweetened Condensed Milk. 

Doesn't it sound delicious already? Are you ready for the directions?

Blend up box of graham crackers and pour into large mixing bowl. Then add 2 tbsp of sugar. Next stir in 3 sticks of melted butter. 

Spray a large cookie sheet with Pam or Baker's Joy. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

Spread out graham cracker mixture on cookie sheet. Add half a bag of coconut. Then add half a bag of chocolate chips on top of that. You can add both whole bags if you like, but I feel like that makes it too sweet. Finally pour both cans of condensed milk on top and bake for 25 minutes. 

You have an ooey gooey surprise when it's all done!

These are great to take to church events or parties and they certainly don't last long. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

What's your favorite go to dessert?

Affordable Fashion and Where to Find it: Flamingo Print Button Up and Twill Shorts

Have you ever wanted a really comfy look but didn't want to look frumpy at the same time? I know I sure have. Nowadays even the most comfy look can come with a pretty steep price tag. Paying a high price is definitely not within my budget, especially with  a growing toddler who outgrows his clothes faster than I can buy them.
    Last month I hit the Maurices end of summer sale wide open. I was in desperate search of some clothes that were comfortable yet stylish, not to mention cheap. While on my search, I fell in love with this Watermelon and White Flamingo Button Up. So it was a must have!

I paired this lovely shirt with some Twill Midi Shorts from American Eagle in Navy Blue. I then added my great new anchor necklace from Jesse Jane's Jewelry and slipped on a pair Navy Blue Flip Flops from Old Navy. There you have it! You have a complete look for $35 or less. Is this a steal or what?  You have the look that is comfy and trendy. What more could you ask for?
How to achieve this look!
Maurices - Flamingo Button Up no longer available - $6.12  (Similar)
American Eagle- Twill Midi Shorts - $19.99
Anchor Necklace - @jessejanesjewelry -$7
Old Navy Flip Flops - Was $1 now on sale for $2.50
I'm linking up with Rachel @ Garay Treasures and Becky @ BYBMG

High Five For Friday

Hello and Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday Link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Katie@ Cup of TeaCaitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin and myself. Make yourself right at home and please be sure to enjoy your stay.

This week's featured blogger is Mariah @ Faith & Fashion. Mariah is a mommy, a Christian and has a love for all things beauty. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I love her recent Fall 2015 Wishlist. She has a great sense of fashion and this wishlist gave me a few ideas on what to buy. Be sure to stop by her blog and say hi!

Wow! This has been such a busy week. TGIF! !!   I started my bachelors program and I have been so busy with short papers,  chapters to read and quizzes oh my! I hope the weekend goes a little slower and is more relaxing. Let's recap to my favorites from this past week.

1) My husband won his first car race at our local Arm Drop Races. He won $500!!! We were both ecstatic. I'm so proud of him. He has worked so hard to get to this point. We had been so worried about money lately but God provided as always. He is always right on time.

2) Raylan had his first Carousel ride this week and he absolutely loved it. He cried when he had to get off of it.

3) We have had some cooler evenings this week so Raylan and I have made the best of it. On one of our evening walks, Raylan found a leaf and he was intrigued by it.

4) I ran across this neat idea for fall and I can't wait to try it. Isn't it beautiful!!!
5) My baby boy is growing up so fast. He is now 18 months old. Where does the time go? He proved he was a big boy when he got his hair cut this week and didn't throw a tantrum as usual. He sat still and didn't even whimper. I was glad for that but time can slow down now.

We're finalizing plans for our LIVE Google Hangout on Thursday, August 27, at 9:30PM EST! It will be super easy to join! Just prior to the Hangout going live, we'll be sending out a link to watch the live stream. You'll be able to find that link here, on our blogs, but we'll also be sure to tweet, FB, etc it out! Then you'll be able to join me, Caitlin, Katie & Tif LIVE! You don't need a Google+ account to watch! We can't wait to give this a whirl.
Just bear in mind that this is our first time doing this, and it may be rough.

That's it for now! I hope everyone has a fantastic relaxing weekend.  Don't forget to link-up with us below.



Hey, Everyone! Today I'm guest blogging for my blogging buddy and long time friend in real life Tif @ Bright On A Budget about how to re-style the J Crew T-Shirt Dress. Head on over to Tif's blog to see my complete look and get all the details, but first keep scrolling to learn a little more about Tif!

 Tif  is an attorney, mom, and dedicated bargain hunter blogging about style, beauty, and life at Bright on a Budget.  She is also one of the co-hosts of the High Five for Friday weekly linkup.  You can follow her on InstagramBloglovin', or GFC.

Head on over to Tif's blog to read my post. God Bless you and have a great day!

High Five For Friday

Hello and Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday Link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Katie@ Cup of TeaCaitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin and myself. Make yourself right at home and please be sure to enjoy your stay.

This week's featured blogger is Trish @ Tales From Trish. Trish has a really neat blog. She posts a lot of recipes, she loves to read and crochet. I love a link-up that she is involved in on Wednesday's called What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday. Please visit her blog and give her a shout out!

Overall this has been a fairly decent week. It started out bumpy due to Raylan having a stye but other than that it's been pretty good and relaxing. A little bit of relaxation is what we all need right? Here are my favorites from this week.

1) I have recently developed a love for Nature Photography. I really enjoy adding bible verses to my photos. Here are a few that I would like to share with you. Isn't God's wonderful creations amazing!

2) Justin and I finally were able to get away for a date night on Saturday. It had been way too long since we had had a date night with just the two of us. We went to Texas Roadhouse (Our Favorite) and then stopped by a local race track so Justin could do what he loves best. 

3) We have had such beautiful weather this week so Raylan and I have been outside most of the time. We have taken full advantage of it with trips to the park and strolls outside. We wish Justin could go with us but he is on night shift so he sleeps during the day :(

4) Christmas shopping has officially started, I laid away some things for Raylan and others this week and I'm so excited. I'm so ready for the holidays with Raylan. Now that he can walk and interact more this year, I know it will be so much fun!

5) One of my best friends invited Raylan and I up for a play date with her son. While we were there, she taught me how to can. It was my first attempt ever at canning. We canned banana peppers and jalapeƱos. I actually really enjoyed it. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed weekend!

Toddler Boredom Busters

Let's face it! With a Toddler, it's so hard to keep their attention. They get bored quick. On days that they have to stay indoors, boredom can happen in a hurry. When Boredom sets in, tantrums arise. Luckily I love doing activities, so this helps keep those nasty tantrums at bay.  I have compiled a list of a few things to try with your toddler on rainy or snowy days to help when they are bored.

1) Colored Rice Sensory Game

You can take a bag of plain rice and divide it up into as many sections that you want for colors. Once divided, color it using vinegar, water and food coloring. Here we have 5 different colors. Raylan liked to bury his hands up in the rice and let it sift through his fingers. He also liked to bury his farm animals in it and then find them. This is a wonderful sensory tool.

2) Edible Paint

I just used the basics here. I mixed food coloring with cool whip. I chose yellow food coloring so it wouldn't stain his hands as bad. It actually was easy to wash off. As you can see, he played in it and then proceeded to eat it. 

3) Inside Water Table

Most kids love water and baths so we made a quick and easy water table. I just took a baking pan and put a little water in it and handed Raylan a sponge. He was amazed at what happened when he wrung the sponge out. It made him wonder where the water was coming from. As you can see, he was in deep concentration when he was working with the sponge. This is a great hand strengthening tool as well.

4) The Pom Pom Maze

I took toilet paper holders and taped them to my bottom cabinet doors. I made sure to angle each one differently to make a zig zag or maze effect. Then I gave Raylan felt pom poms of different sizes. He would put each one in the holders and watch them go through the maze and fall out the bottom. He was amazed and so curious.  ( Be sure not to give your child really small pom poms and if so always supervise them. It's a choking hazard)

5) The Pipe Cleaner Game

Here I took an empty puffs container and poked holes on top. I then gave Raylan different colored pipe cleaners. I showed him how it worked by putting the pipe cleaners into each hole. He was so curious and wondered where they went. I then showed him how to take them out and start all over again. This was by far his favorite game. He sat for a good 30-45 minutes playing. ( Be sure to bend the ends of the pipe cleaners so they won't poke or prick your child)

6) Putting away items

Raylan loves to help mommy and daddy store things around the house. He thinks he is a big boy when he does this. So on occasion we let him put pop and water in the fridge. This keeps him busy and gives him a sense of accomplishment. We always make sure to reward him for a job well done. (Never leave a child unattended near appliances)

7) Chalkboard

Raylan loves to play with chalk, so on rainy days we like to draw inside with his tiny chalkboard. This keeps him entertained for quite a while.

I hope you find these Boredom Busters useful. They have been a huge help with my son. The busier a toddler is the less likely a tantrum will take place.

Linking up with Rachel @ Garay Treasures

High Five For Friday

Hello and Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday Link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Katie@ Cup of TeaCaitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin and myself. Make yourself right at home and please be sure to enjoy your stay.

This week's featured blogger is Amanda @ A Brownie World. Amanda posts a lot of inspirational posts that I find so helpful especially right now. She also has a "Tasty Tuesday"  each week which is full of yummy recipes. Be sure to stop by and say hi to Amanda.

This week has been one long week. It hasn't been a very good one at all. My dad didn't get the news that we were hoping for. He has to start dialysis so please keep him and us in your prayers. Even though it has been a troublesome week, I still give God the praise, honor and glory. We may not understand why things happen the way they do, but God always knows best. Let's rewind to some of the good things that took place this week.

1) Saturday was my dad's birthday. We celebrated with dinner and a trip to the lake. We had a wonderful relaxing day. I pray that God blesses him to have many more birthdays.

2) On Friday night everyone was talking about "The Blue Moon" so naturally I had to go outside and take a picture of it. It was really neat to be able to capture it up close.

3) I know you all are probably getting tired of seeing my pallet projects, but I love them. The things that you can do with them are just amazing. Pallets are just so handy. This week's project is a table for our front porch. Now it can go with my pallet chairs. Look for a blog post in the near future of Best Pallet Projects or something of the sort. What color should I paint it and the chairs?

4) I captured the cutest moment of Raylan. His daddy works on cars and races them so Raylan was trying to be just like daddy. Like Father Like Son! He was working on his vroom vroom :)

5) I tried out a new recipe that I found here on Pinterest. It's Low Carb Skillet Pizza. It was surprisingly delicious. I love finding healthy yet tasty recipes.

I also want to update everyone that the winner of the $60 Target Giveaway is Natalie Brown. Congratulations Natalie! Thank you so much to everyone who helped contribute to this giveaway and to all those who entered. I truly appreciate you!

I hope everyone has a joyful and blessed weekend. May God bless you!

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