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How I Style It: Pattern Mixing School

Today I am linking up with some of my blogging friends for the monthly installment of "How I Style It"

This month is Pattern Mixing! I have always been afraid to mix patterns. It has always just been out of my comfort zone until recently. Today I am mixing stripes with polka dots. Yes, I said that! Before this definitely would have been a No No, but within the last year I have found my sense of fashion. I have worn many things that I said I never would and actually felt comfortable wearing them.

I am wearing a Navy Blue Chevron Striped Floral Tank with yellow roses, black twill shorts and yellow polka dot ballet flats. It's a lot for the eye to take in but it's so much fun to wear. I love the yellow roses on the chevron shirt so what better way to match yellow than with yellow flats. They just happen to be polka dots. Now Typically I would have matched this with black leggings instead of shorts but Kentucky has been miserably hot, so leggings wasn't happening. I do apologize in advance for the funny looks, the sun was glaring in my eyes and my photographer (aka my brother) was getting impatient.

You can achieve this look for a very reasonable price. If you know me then you know that I'm thrifty and I love fashion that is affordable.

Chevron Floral Tank - Rue 21 (Similar)
Stretch Twill Shorts - Old Navy
Yellow Ballet Flats (Similar)

How do you style your pattern mixing?

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