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Let Them Be Little

To say that it had been a rough day would be an understatement. It was a day of continuous toddler tantrums. A day of saying the word NO at least a hundred times. It seemed that I had repeatedly picked up toys and laundry all day. I had Picked  up thrown food off of the floor. Cleaned up several messes including the roll of toilet paper that had been unraveled off into the bathroom floor. I was so exhausted! Bedtime couldn't get here soon enough. Once my son was in bed, there would still be so much left to do. The dishes needed done and laundry still needed to be folded. I was one worn out mom.
   Finally bedtime was here! As I lay beside my 17 month old son getting him to sleep, he wrapped his little arms around me and my heart melted. He cuddled up next to me still with his arms around me and fell asleep. This was true pure love. All the roughness of the day had already been forgotten. As my baby boy lay there sleeping, I wept uncontrollably. Realization hit me like a ton of bricks that he is no longer a baby. Time is quickly  passing by.  There won't be many more days like this. He will all too soon not want his momma to get him to sleep. He will fall asleep all on his own. He will start to become more and more independent. In a few short years, he will be starting school. Soon there won't be tantrums and there won't be messes to clean up. I will miss all the toys laying around and miss folding up his clothes. I will miss that baby smell. Soon he will be all grown up and on his own. My heart just can't take it. 
    Today just like many days before, I let Satan steal my joy with my son. I let exhaustion overtake me. I should have savored every moment. The chores and everything else could have waited. I shouldn't have gotten frustrated. As parents we should cherish every single second. Let them be little! Let them have fun. Make memories with your children. We have a lifetime of cleaning to do. Our children are only little once. Don't let those tantrums exhaust us. Just enjoy every single moment; the good and the bad. For one day we will even miss those tantrums. A Child is the most precious gift from God that we could ever receive. They are exactly how God intended them to be. They are perfect in every single way, messes and tantrums included. Just live for the moment because one day we will wish we had all of these little moments again, for time won't stand still for anyone.

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