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Toddler Boredom Busters

Let's face it! With a Toddler, it's so hard to keep their attention. They get bored quick. On days that they have to stay indoors, boredom can happen in a hurry. When Boredom sets in, tantrums arise. Luckily I love doing activities, so this helps keep those nasty tantrums at bay.  I have compiled a list of a few things to try with your toddler on rainy or snowy days to help when they are bored.

1) Colored Rice Sensory Game

You can take a bag of plain rice and divide it up into as many sections that you want for colors. Once divided, color it using vinegar, water and food coloring. Here we have 5 different colors. Raylan liked to bury his hands up in the rice and let it sift through his fingers. He also liked to bury his farm animals in it and then find them. This is a wonderful sensory tool.

2) Edible Paint

I just used the basics here. I mixed food coloring with cool whip. I chose yellow food coloring so it wouldn't stain his hands as bad. It actually was easy to wash off. As you can see, he played in it and then proceeded to eat it. 

3) Inside Water Table

Most kids love water and baths so we made a quick and easy water table. I just took a baking pan and put a little water in it and handed Raylan a sponge. He was amazed at what happened when he wrung the sponge out. It made him wonder where the water was coming from. As you can see, he was in deep concentration when he was working with the sponge. This is a great hand strengthening tool as well.

4) The Pom Pom Maze

I took toilet paper holders and taped them to my bottom cabinet doors. I made sure to angle each one differently to make a zig zag or maze effect. Then I gave Raylan felt pom poms of different sizes. He would put each one in the holders and watch them go through the maze and fall out the bottom. He was amazed and so curious.  ( Be sure not to give your child really small pom poms and if so always supervise them. It's a choking hazard)

5) The Pipe Cleaner Game

Here I took an empty puffs container and poked holes on top. I then gave Raylan different colored pipe cleaners. I showed him how it worked by putting the pipe cleaners into each hole. He was so curious and wondered where they went. I then showed him how to take them out and start all over again. This was by far his favorite game. He sat for a good 30-45 minutes playing. ( Be sure to bend the ends of the pipe cleaners so they won't poke or prick your child)

6) Putting away items

Raylan loves to help mommy and daddy store things around the house. He thinks he is a big boy when he does this. So on occasion we let him put pop and water in the fridge. This keeps him busy and gives him a sense of accomplishment. We always make sure to reward him for a job well done. (Never leave a child unattended near appliances)

7) Chalkboard

Raylan loves to play with chalk, so on rainy days we like to draw inside with his tiny chalkboard. This keeps him entertained for quite a while.

I hope you find these Boredom Busters useful. They have been a huge help with my son. The busier a toddler is the less likely a tantrum will take place.

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