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Favorite Fall Lip Shades

Favorite Fall Lip Shades

Fall is here and it's time to switch up our lip shades. I love being able to transition from brighter to darker lip colors.  While I love summer, fall is my favorite. I especially love all the bright colors, fashion  and different beauty trends that come along with fall. These are my three favorite lip shades that you will find me wearing this fall.

1) Maybelline Maple Kiss 925- (left)- This is my all time favorite shade. It is the perfect shade for fall. It's like a dark nude color almost like an orangy-brown. It's long lasting and goes perfect with my skin tone.

2) Lorac Lipgloss in the shade of Alex (center)  - I love a good lip gloss and this so happens to be my favorite. It's a dark berry color that's perfect for any season. I know the tube looks bright but it's another almost nude shade when it's applied.

3) Revlon Ultra HD Gladiolus (right)- This is the boldest color of the three but also the longest lasting color too. It's a darker shade of red. So it is a great shade for fall.

Which shade do you like best? 

Maybelline Maple Kiss- Target
Lorac Alex- Lorac Cosmetics
Revlon Ultra Hd Gladiolus - Walmart

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