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Nut-Free Halloween Candy

Since Raylan was diagnosed with a severe nut allergy back in April at only 14 months old, we knew the upcoming Halloween would be so tricky and scary. He is allergic to Peanuts and Tree Nuts. Just about any candy that you see either contains nuts or has been manufactured on the same equipment that nuts have been on. We knew that we would have to examine every little piece of candy for the rest of his trick or treating years. Being a food allergy parent is so hard at times, but I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is on the child. I wanted to make the life of a nut allergy parent and child just a little bit easier, so I have put together a list of nut-free treats that children can have for Halloween. This list is also good for anyone who is giving out candy on Halloween as well. You never know what child may come to your home with a nut allergy.

Note:  Always double check the packages for ingredients and allergen warnings before giving to an allergic child. You never know what ingredients could have changed.

Nut-Free Candy
 Tootsie Rolls
 Tootsie Roll Pops
 Dum Dums
 Blow Pops
 Laffy Taffy
 Air Heads
 Dubble Bubble
 Hershey bars/kisses {only certain sizes...check each package!}
 Sour Patch Kids
 Pixie Stix
 Mike and Ike
 Sweet Tarts
 Ring Pops
 Push Pops
 Jolly Ranchers
 Now & Laters
 Pop Rocks
 Fun Dip
 York Peppermint Patties
 Junior Mints
 Lemon Heads
 Red Hots
 Milk Duds
Caramel Apple Pops

Other Treats:
Most gummies-check each package
Marshmallow Peeps
Rice Krispie Treats {pre-packaged}
Utz Halloween Pretzels 
Capri Sun
Sunny D

Do you know a child who has a food allergy? If so what treats do you give out on Halloween?

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