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Christmas 2015

Christmas has come and gone once again. I always hate to see Christmas go. I just love Christmas. I love the peacefulness and beauty of it. I wish everyone would have Christmas hearts all year round. People generally seem to be more caring and nice during Christmas. If they were always like that, the world would be a much better place. 
We had a wonderful Christmas! We are truly blessed. Isn't God good! I love family gatherings and getting to spend quality time with one another. That needs to happen more often than just the holidays. I told my husband that I wouldn't care if I ever got another gift because seeing Raylan's eyes and face light up was better than any present I could ever receive. He had so much fun! I truly enjoyed every single moment with him. He is to the age that he can really have fun at Christmas and that's just what he did. Here are my favorite Christmas photos...

I love love love this photo of us. We were all looking and smiling. It's just priceless!

My dad, my brother, Raylan and I 

Justin's parents with all of the grandkids

Raylan with his cousins 

I absolutely adore this one with Justin and Raylan!

And this one. I took a photo of Raylan by Justin's truck and framed it. I wrapped it from Raylan to give to his daddy. Justin loved it!

I also framed a photo of Justin's race car with some of his best time slips also in the frame. The car enthusiast in him really loved this one. I love giving thoughtful gifts that come from the heart. 

Raylan was super excited about his bike that his Popaw got him. He loves it!

And he loves his car that his Meemaw got him. 

My dad giving him his stocking 

Raylan and my brother trying to sing karaoke 

These are the rest of my favorites of Raylan...

This year we didn't spend as much on Christmas. I decided to make some homemade gifts and baked some treats for friends. It was less stressful and more heartfelt. I decided to focus more on spending quality time with one another. These precious moments with family and friends were just so wonderful. Raylan truly made Christmas so exciting. The best gifts that I have ever received was Salvation and Raylan. What more could a person ask for? I am a blessed woman! My cup runneth over!

I would love to see your Christmas photos! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! It's not about the presents but everyone's presence. God Bless You!

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