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Christmas Cards For Blaine

This is my brother Blaine. He is 23 years old. He was born premature when my mom was only 7 and a half months pregnant. At birth, he only weighed 1lb and 7oz. He was 8 inches round and 12 inches long. He was so tiny. He had to spend 5 and a half months in the NICU. He was on life support several times. The doctors gave up hope for him but my mom never did. She put her faith in God and she knew that he would see my brother through. Isn't God good! He has overcome so many obstacles in life. My brother has had to endure many health and mental issues throughout his life but that does not define who he is. He has a heart of Gold and is so loving. He sees the true beauty of life and finds happiness in everything. He teaches us what life is truly about. He is my brother and my best friend.

Every year my brother gets so giddy when Christmas time is near. He loves everything about Christmas.  He loves checking the mail to find a card addressed to him. Each year he makes a big display to put his card collection on.  If you get the chance could you please send one to my brother Blaine. It would really make his day. His hobbies include listening to music especially Country Music and Collecting Key Chains.  Below is his address...

Blaine Adam Setser
PO Box 898
Inez, Ky 41224

Thank you in advance for any cards that you may send. I know he will be so excited. Thank you and May God Bless You! Merry Christmas!

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