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Cleaning Up Christmas

Christmas is officially over and I always hate to see it go. Now it's time to start cleaning up the dreaded mess that Christmas left behind. It's always a major task to start the clean-up but add a toddler to the mix, then you have a recipe for a disaster that may call for back-up help. I always get overwhelmed with so much that needs to be done after Christmas has passed. I often relax a few days before tackling the mess. By now, I'm sure most of you have made a dent in your Christmas clean-up but if not here are some great tips that I find helpful. 

1) Start with a Plan - Don't tackle everything at once. This will wear you out and not much will get accomplished. Decide what is most important on your list to clean-up first.

2) Boxes- Dispose of all the boxes. Boxes take up twice the room and just makes the place look more piled up.

3) Totes- Purchase a tote or totes I should say. These are perfect for toy and ornament storage. They are perfect for any storage really.

4) Toys- Go through all of the toys that do not get played with. Donate or sell them. This makes room for the new toys that Santa brought and declutters the house.

5) Clothes- Go through all of the clothes that don't fit or get worn and donate or sell them. Closets can only hold so much! Make room for new clothes. Also make an effort to hang up all new clothes. Don't let them pile up around the home.

6) Organize- I can't stress this one enough. Organize the toys. I put toys in totes and bins throughout the house in different rooms instead of piling them up in one place. This way no matter what room Raylan is in, he will have something to play with and toys don't have to be dragged throughout the house. Organize your bake and cookware. Organize jewelry, clothes, books etc. Don't leave it laying around. I like to call mine an organized mess. 

My plan for Cleaning Up Christmas was spread out over a few days. I refused to tackle it all in one day. I was able to relax and still have a tidy home. Cleaning up after Christmas does not have to be stressful and tiresome. 

So if you're still cleaning up or haven't started yet, please take my advice for a more easier way to organize your home with less effort. 

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