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Adventures with Santa

This year has been so much fun with Raylan during Christmas. He loves looking at the Christmas tree and all of the lights and decorations. He is to the age that he can really enjoy things and also understand things. Last year he really didn't understand what or who Santa Claus was, however this year it's a different story. He has seen Santa three different times. The reason being is let's just say the first time didn't go so well. Here is proof...

He was terrified of Santa and kept reaching for me and trying to run away. Poor Baby :(  In his defense, I would probably be afraid of a big bearded man too that I didn't know.

He finally calmed down long enough to get a decent picture, but sitting on Santa's lap wasn't happening. He also had to have his dinosaur with him too. This was as close to Santa as he was getting.

So after that horrifying experience with Santa, I debated on whether or not I should take him again to see him.  I was afraid that he would be scared again, but I also wanted him to get used to Santa. The second attempt went much more smoothly.

This time it was all smooth sailing but no smiles. He still didn't seem to be thrilled by this big burly man.

We hit a rough patch again for just a split second on the third visit with Santa. 

He was trying to wiggle his way loose again and take off until Santa gave him his stocking...

but once he got a better look at his stocking, his mood instantly improved. Great Idea Santa!

I'm glad I took Raylan to see Santa on three different occasions. I don't want him to stay afraid of Santa like a lot of children are. I want him to have good memorable experiences. I think he is finally coming around to liking Santa. He points and says Ho Ho whenever he sees him on TV or in a picture. 

I thought these photos were too cute not to share. They are such funny moments that make for great stories and memories. My friend Tif @ Bright on a Budget is also sharing her funny Santa Moments so please visit her blog as well. Her photos are hilarious!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a very Merry Christmas! God Bless You!

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