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Crunch the Numbers

 “The graphic in this post is courtesy of Chobani. However, ALL opinions are my own."

As with any New Year, we tend to make resolutions or goals. Most of these resolutions don't last past the month of January. This year I have decided to make goals instead of resolutions. You can read more about my Goals for 2016 here. One goal  that I would like to accomplish is to be Active. Every year I always say that I want to lose weight in the New Year. This year I'm saying I want to be more active. I need to get moving and exercise and just be healthy.  Another goal that I am dedicated to accomplishing is being Healthy.  This one goes with being Active but my goal for this year is also to take steps to help my family get healthier too. Especially my dad with his kidney problems and my son Raylan with his asthma and allergies. I can help my family and myself be active and healthy by Crunching the Numbers.

I want to dedicate myself and help my family to living life a little lighter. Whether it’s 100 more stairs a day or 100 less calories. We can crunch those numbers to help us live a longer more healthier life.  Here are the top 10 Fun Ways to Burn 100 calories.

Some of these you probably already do especially if you are a mom. I love to play and dance with Raylan, cook and I definitely love to shop! What woman doesn't love to shop?  I have been trying to walk with a friend of mine a few times a week. Our local community center has an indoor walking track which is great for these cold winter months. I take my son and his stroller and we walk. My son enjoys the ride and it's great for my friend and I.  Walking along with these 10 fun ways are some great and easy tips to take toward a more healthier and happier lifestyle. 

If you are looking for some snacks that are delicious yet healthy then I encourage you to try Chobani -Simply 100  Greek Yogurt.  There is a wide variety of flavors and you can even get them in the crunch flavors as well. Blueberry Cookie Crumble, Strawberry Chocolate Truffle and Mango Cone Crisp are just a few that are my favorites. Eating healthy doesn't have to taste bland anymore and burning calories doesn't have to be boring.  Check out the Chobani- Simply 100 website for some great coupons as well. 

How do you plan to stay healthy in the New Year?

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