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Spice Up Your Week: Salsa Burger with Raw Spices

*The spices in this post was provided to me by Raw Spice Bar  in exchange for  sharing my  experience with their products.  However,  ALL opinions are my own.

Monday, Here you are again! Couldn't you have stayed gone just a little while longer? I think we can all agree that we don't care for Monday's. It's a new week and It's also time to plan the menu for the week. I have a recipe that will be perfect for your dinner table this week and will make your Monday and week a little less stressful.  As a busy mom, I tend to love quick and easy dinners and this recipe is just perfect for busy people. I present to you the oh so tasty Salsa Burger with Raw Spices. 

Now we have all tried the traditional burger, but have you ever added just a little twist to your burger? I flavored mine with Raw Spices from Raw Spice Bar.

Raw Spice Bar is a subscription box for people who love to cook like myself. Every month you receive 3 freshly ground, global flavors. Some include India, Japan and Turkey. Each box includes 3 recipes that are kitchen tested and a history of spices from that region. Raw Spices adds some zest to your cooking regimen. 

Now for the recipe:
I added the Winter Herbs packet to the hamburger meat. I made sure to blend the spices in well with the meat.
Once your hamburger meat is patted out well, grill or fry the hamburger patty like you normally would.

While the hamburger meat is grilling, go ahead and saute' onions, tomatoes and any other toppings that you prefer. 

Once both hamburger and vegetables are done, place on hamburger buns and add some salsa on top of vegetables. I prefer homemade Salsa but if you're in a hurry, your favorite store bought salsa will do. 

 Now you have a quick, delicious and savory burger. It definitely spices up the normal burger! You will never want another regular burger again. This will be your favorite go to recipe from now on. It's perfect to serve for dinner or get-togethers. This burger will be on my list of things to make for the upcoming Super Bowl. 

Don't forget to serve it with your favorite chips or fries! 

My Experience with Raw Spice Bar was wonderful. I received the spices in a very timely manner. Raw Spices brought excitement to the dinner table. I love trying new recipes and I love to spice up old recipes. Raw Spices is perfect for anyone who likes to cook and even for those who don't. The spice blends make recipes so much easier. What I enjoy the most about Raw Spices is the variety of Herbs and Spices that you receive. I also love the endless possibilities that you get with these spices as well. There isn't a recipe that you can't spice up. You can even add these blends to some desserts. Using Raw Spices is definitely a win in my book!

Have you ever made a Salsa Burger? If so, how do you spice yours up?

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