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Weekend Getaway

Lately stress has become a normal part of our lives. The stress of my dad's kidney failure and having to be on dialysis. The stress of Raylan staying sick and of course his food allergies. The stress of Justin and his kidney problems. Add in school and finances to the mixture and it's just one big mess.
   I have been keeping migraines most likely stress related. Justin knew that we needed a break. So he conspired with some friends of ours, and we ended up on a surprise weekend getaway. It was a huge surprise for me. 
  They booked a hotel room and planned a weekend trip. So with our friends and their daughter, us and Raylan in tow, we headed off to the Newport Aquarium which is about 3 hours away from home.  We knew the kids could use a little fun too! 

We all had a wonderful time, especially the kids. I think they liked the Penguins the most. Newport Aquarium is the largest aquarium that I have been to. It houses thousands of animals in a million gallons of water. It is known to be one of the best exhibits in the U.S. It has countless things for adults and children to see and do. I have many more photos but naturally I couldn't upload them all. Newport Aquarium even has a few different restaurants inside as well. We had the full experience and couldn't be more satisfied. We all loved it and are definitely planning on going back soon. 

 The getaway also included shopping which is always a win in any woman's book. I also stopped at Party City and picked up some things  for Raylan's upcoming dinosaur themed birthday party. 

I think this theme will be so cute for my little dinosaur lover!

And of course no trip is a trip without some good food! 

It was so nice to getaway and have a change of scenery. The children and adults both enjoyed themselves and got to do things they wanted to do. This trip was definitely relaxing and a stress reliever too! It's just what we needed! I'm so thankful for surprise last minute trips and for good family and friends. God knows exactly what we need. Isn't God Good?

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