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In the Kitchen with Toddlers - Cross Cupcakes

Moms are always busy, but never allow yourself to get too busy to create memories with your little one. For time goes by way too fast! Welcome to the new series of In the Kitchen with Toddlers. This is a series that will show you some easy ideas of things to make with your toddler that will be fun for them and quick for you.

I love to bake especially around the holidays. While baking, I always try to include my son Raylan. We both enjoy being in the kitchen and making many wonderful memories together. Easter is this coming Sunday, the most important holiday of the year! Easter is not about the Easter Bunny and Eggs, but about the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So while in the kitchen this week, Raylan and I decided to make Cross Cupcakes.

I could have chosen any Easter themed dessert to make with Raylan this week, but I wanted to teach him about the true meaning of Easter while baking.

Ingredients you will need...

Pretzel Sticks
Chocolate Cake Mix
Light Brown Sugar
Vanilla Frosting in Can
Milk Chocolate Dipping Chocolate

* Normally I would use my favorite go to homemade Buttercream Frosting, but since I was baking with Raylan I opted for the quick and easy frosting.

My trusty Kitchen Sidekick :)


Using wax paper or cookie sheet, form pretzel sticks in shape of cross. Then drizzle melted milk chocolate over crosses. Allow chocolate to harden on pretzels.

Make chocolate cupcakes according to box directions.

Once cupcakes are completely cooled, apply vanilla frosting on top.

Next sprinkle brown sugar on top of vanilla frosting

Then insert crosses on top of cupcakes. Be careful when removing pretzel crosses from wax paper. They sometimes tend to break!

The chocolate cake and brown sugar represent the dirt and sand that was on Mount Calvary's hill. The cross represents the sacrifice that Jesus paid for our sins. The white frosting represents how Jesus washed away our sins and made them white as snow.

The death, burial and resurrection is the greatest love story of all! You can read more about that story here!

This was a great fun way to teach Raylan about the true meaning of Easter. The cupcakes were also delicious and definitely Toddler approved!

What desserts are you making for Easter?

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