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When God Makes You Uncomfortable

You've been going through a rough patch. It seems like when it rains it pours. One bad thing happens and then another. You just can't seem to catch a break. You question "Why Me?" Your faith is being shaken and you are uncomfortable!

High Five For Friday

Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday linkup hosted by Tif@ Bright On A Budget, Katie @ Cup of Tea and myself. We're glad you're here!

This week's featured blogger is Legally Southern. She is a Kentucky Gal and also an Attorney.  She blogs about Life, Law School. Fashion and so much more. She also has her own Etsy Shop. She has a great blog. Please stop by and give her a shout-out!

This has been a good, busy and rough week all in one. My dad had to have surgery and Raylan and I have been miserable with allergies. Dad's surgery went well Praise the Lord and we are starting to feel better. I'm so ready for Cooler Fall Weather...What about you? Let's review some of my favorites from this week.

1) On Saturday, we celebrated our nieces 12th birthday. I seriously can't believe that she is this old already. It seems like she should still be a baby...This was the cake that she requested that I make for her.

2) We had a few days of cool weather and it felt just like Fall. So now, I'm yearning for Fall and have been pinning away all of my ideas on Pinterest. I simply can't wait. I'm also ready for all things pumpkin spice.

3) I saw where Dolly Parton is coming out with her new movie Christmas of Many Colors on November 30th. I loved her movie Coat of Many Colors last year. I'm so excited for the movie and for the holidays to get started. Fall and Christmas are my favorite times of the year.

4) These are two of my favorite photos from this week...Raylan is just like his daddy...He loves cars!

Here Raylan is helping his daddy wash one of his friend's project cars...He was a big help to his daddy or so he thought.

and this one was too cute not to share. He caught his daddy trying to nap and lined his cars all up and down Justin. He really is a car man!

5) I'm trying to grow my hair out. It's in this really annoying stage were it doesn't want to fix at all. So, I'm trying to find different ways to fix it before I get aggravated and chop it back off. This week I was able to finally achieve flat iron curls. It has only took me a million attempts lol. Pay no mind to my makeup free face. I had to take a picture of the curls just in case I can't ever fix them again. I'm still on the fence about whether or not to cut it though.

Well that's a wrap for me...Have a safe and happy weekend! God Bless You!

Classic Color Combo

With classes starting back, I knew I would need a new classy look for my student observations. I didn't want to spend a fortune, but I still wanted to look presentable. So after some debating, I decided to go with the Classic Color Combo of  Red, White and Black for this particular outfit.

High Five For Friday

Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday linkup hosted by Tif@ Bright On A Budget, Katie @ Cup of Tea and myself. We're glad you're here!

This week's featured blogger is Mary from The Bost Family. Mary is a follower of Christ, wife and mom. She blogs about life, motherhood and living. She has been blogging for 8 years. Her husband Jonathan has cancer and could really use your prayers and so could Mary and the children. Mary has some really great posts that are inspirational and she also has some really great parenting tips. Please stop by and say hello to her. 

This has been a busy but good week. Pray for my dad. He is having a small procedure done today. Pray that God watches over and protects him. Classes started back for me on Monday so I'm trying to get into the swing again of everything now. I'm excited to be getting closer to my teaching degree. Pray that I have a good semester along with everyone else. Let's recap my favorites from this week.

10 Things to do when you're Broke

Broke...We've all been there a time or two. A low paycheck or just way too many bills coming out at one time. In cases like this, money is more than tight and you're left with next to nothing. A lot of times this means sitting at home with nothing to do until the next paycheck arrives. This makes for stressful and boring times my friend. However, you don't have to be bored anymore. . I have been broke more times than I care for and in times like this you have to get creative and find free things to do, so I have compiled a great list of things to do when you are broke.

High Five For Friday

Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday linkup hosted by Tif@ Bright On A Budget, Katie @ Cup of Tea and myself. We're glad you're here!

This week's featured blogger is Jessie from The Acquired Sass. Jessie was born and raised in Kentucky like myself. She went to college in Pittsburg, PA and currently lives there. She loves to run, hike, bike and bake. I found her most recent blog post about budgeting 101 to be really helpful. Please stop by and say hello to her. I know you will enjoy her blog.

This week was another rough week due to health issues. Please say a prayer for me. My doctor thinks my gallbladder is inactive. I'm praying that when I go for more tests that all will be well. With God all things are possible. This week did have some pretty good highlights though. Let's rewind to my favorites.

A New way to Play with Pley

This post is sponsored by Pley.  It also contains affiliate links.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Have you heard about Pley? It is an online toy rental service. Yes, you heard that right. You can rent toys for your children and send them back when they are done playing with them. This is a great way to keep the clutter down of unused and unwanted toys. When I first heard about Pley, I instantly jumped on the bandwagon.

Easy Back-to-School Dinners

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SaveOnChef #CollectiveBias

With the back to school season approaching, families including mine are looking for easy weeknight meal solutions. By spending less time in the kitchen, you can enjoy other after-school activities together. Now through August 29, 2016, each 14.5 to 15 ounce can of Chef Boyardee is on Rollback at Walmart for only $0.80! Purchase five cans for $4 in a variety of flavors that include: Mini Ravioli, Beefaroni, and Spaghetti and Meatballs. You can enjoy a week’s worth of quality meals at an affordable price.
Be sure when you stock up on Chef Boyardee at Walmart to look for the Chef Boyardee cans that feature NO artificial flavors, NO preservatives, and NO artificial colors. With quality ingredients since 1924, Chef Boyardee has been a pantry staple for many families.
While shopping at Walmart, be sure to look for the Rollback signs for Chef Boyardee in the Canned Food aisle!

High Five For Friday

Hello everyone! Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday linkup hosted by Tif@ Bright On A Budget, Katie @ Cup of Tea and myself. We're glad you're here!

This week's featured blogger is Jean Claire @ Vogue Happiness.  Jean loves Jesus and her dog. She loves fashion and loves to read. She also tries to look for happiness in all things. She has a weekly blog post called Motivational Monday. The latest one is about what to say to a hurting friend. It is really great. You can read that post here.  Jean also does a lot with women's ministry. Please stop by and say hello to Jean. 

This week has seemed to fly by. It was a great week until I ended up in the ER last night. Hopefully I will be on the mend soon. God is still so very good though. I give him all the praise! Let's recap my favorites from this week.

1) Last weekend, we took Raylan to the park and out for Ice Cream after Justin got off work. We all had so much fun. It's nice to just take time away and do something fun.

2) Monday was my dad's 57th birthday. We celebrated with a nice dinner, cake and some homemade gifts from Raylan.  I think he had a great day and so did we. I pray that the Lord blesses him with many more birthdays.

3) Raylan got to meet his new baby cousin Shawn this week. He was in love and wanted to bring the baby home. So was I lol. #calmdownovaries 

4) Save a lot now has cookie brownie kits. We call them Brookies. They are so delicious. You must pick one up. They are so easy to make.

5) Raylan got a new hair cut this week. I'm loving the new cut. I do believe it's my favorite cut of his so far. I was snapping pictures all in the barber shop lol.

Well that' it for my week. I hope everyone has a great and relaxing weekend. God Bless You!

How I Style It: Black Shorts and a Cold-Shoulder Top

Welcome to the August installment of our "How I Style It" Blog Hop!  This is a monthly Blog Hop where we all get together to show you how we style our favorite fashion trends, and invite you to join us in showing off your passion for fashion as well!

                                  Today we are sharing our love for Shorts.

Top 6 Favorite Slow Cooker Meals

I love slow cooker meals. They make life so much more simple, especially if you have to run errands all day or run after a toddler. Slow Cooker recipes are usually fairly simple to put together which can save time and money. We've had a very hot summer here in Kentucky and on hot days I prefer not to fire up my oven, so slow cooker meals are my best option. Today I'm sharing with you my favorite slow cooker recipes. Hopefully you will find them as delicious as we do.

Taco Soup

I love trying new recipes! My husband and I love anything Taco or Mexican flavored so when my dad's dialysis nurse gave me this delicious Taco Soup recipe, I was on cloud 9. I have tried Taco Soup before, but this is the best taco soup recipe that I have ever tried. It has so much flavor to it.  No other Taco Soup compares to this recipe. It's like a party in your mouth. It's just so good that I must share it with you.

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