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When God Makes You Uncomfortable

You've been going through a rough patch. It seems like when it rains it pours. One bad thing happens and then another. You just can't seem to catch a break. You question "Why Me?" Your faith is being shaken and you are uncomfortable!

You feel as if God is so far away during times like this.  You've prayed but it seems like your prayers aren't getting anywhere.  In bad times, it is easy to forget who God is. We forget that he is the one who will be exalted in all the earth and that he created the earth.  However, in good times we also tend to forget who God is. When life is going smoothly we often forget to give God the praise that he is so worthy of. We go about our daily life without a care. We forget to pray, read our bibles and even slack off from going to church and this is when God begins to make us Uncomfortable. Sometimes God allows things to happen to get our attention and this is sad. It's sad that God has to get our attention before we seek him. We should always give him the praise, honor and glory that he certainly deserves. In times like this, God is strengthening us. He is making our faith stronger. He is also preparing us for a stronger relationship with him. Life can't always be a bed of roses. We are no better than anyone else, therefore we will all go through trials and tribulations in life. There will be times that we will be Uncomfortable but God is working things out for the greater good. A Blessing is coming your way, but before the blessing we have to be uncomfortable. Sometimes God lets us hit rock bottom so that we will know the he is the the rock at the bottom. In times like this, God is molding us into the better person that he intended us to be. He wants our full attention and when we forget to give him attention, he will get our attention.  After discomfort their will be growth and you will be blessed far beyond what you were before.

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