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8 Daily Things I Do With My Toddler

Being a mom is a tough job, especially a mom of a toddler.  It's by far the hardest job that I have ever had, yet the most rewarding. Being a Toddler Mom is definitely not for the faint of heart; however, I love the toddler ages. The toddler years are so much fun! I see my son learning something new every single day. I am simply amazed by everything that he knows. He is also maturing into his own little person with a teenage attitude. I enjoy spending time with Raylan and making memories with him. This truly is the best time. Here are 8 Daily Things that I Do With My Toddler. 

1) Pray- I always pray with Raylan. We pray over our food, we thank God for each day and for our meals. We also say our bedtime prayers. I want him to know how important God is and that he should always be put first. Raylan now prays himself and I couldn't be more proud. 

2) I love You's - I always always want Raylan to know how much that he is loved. I probably say it a hundred times a day, but a child needs to know that they are loved and to feel important. 

3) Play- Everyday I make it a point to take time out of my busy day to just play with Raylan. I let him decide what we are doing no matter if we are playing with cars, dinosaurs or what. Playing with his toys is something that he enjoys, so why not enjoy it with him.

4) Go Outside- I hate being cooped up inside and I know Raylan does too, so everyday we make sure we go outside for some fresh air. We usually go on wagon rides, walks, or play on the swings, but if it's too cold or raining we at least go out on the porch. Fresh air does a body good and changes a bad attitude.

5) Help with Chores- Raylan loves to help mommy and daddy. It makes him feel like a big boy. Justin and I always try to let him help us do anything around the house whether it be folding towels, baking or helping Justin in the garage. It is also teaching responsibility.

6) Do a learning activity- Raylan learns something new every day, so every day I want to do something to keep his mind fresh. We make sure to set aside some time to do something educational in our daily schedule such as Counting, ABC's, Sight Words, etc.

7) Read - I love to read and I'm so glad that Raylan does too. He absolutely loves books and for that I am thankful. Sometimes we will read more than once a day, but we always manage to get in a bedtime story if nothing else. Reading teaches children early language skills as well as giving them a higher aptitude for learning in general. 

8) Snuggle- I never let the day pass without snuggling with my little guy, even if it is while he is  sitting in my lap watching his favorite shows. 

These truly are the best moments. They are moments that we will surely miss once our children get older, so why not make the best of it. Make these years great, fun and memorable. Make time for your children today!

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