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25 Frugal Ways to a Magical Christmas

It's down to crunch time and Christmas is almost here. Your Christmas list seems to be getting longer and you are completely stressed out. There are so many things to get done in so little time. It's time to take a step back and remember that Jesus is the real reason for the season. He is the reason that we celebrate this magical Holiday.  We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all that we forget to show our children the true meaning of Christmas and how magical it really is. So with that in mind, here are a few free ways to make Christmas a little more magical again for yourself and for your kids.

1. Throw a Happy Birthday Jesus Party
2. Gather round the tree and read the birth of Jesus
3. Go see Santa
4. Host a North Pole Breakfast
5. Elf on the Shelf
6. Sprinkle reindeer food outside on Christmas Eve
7. Write a letter to Santa
8. Make Cookies for Santa 
9. Donate Toys
10. Make Homemade Salt Dough Ornaments
11. Make Christmas treats and give out as gifts
12. Go Caroling
13. Make A Gingerbread House
14. Popcorn and Christmas Movie Nights
15. Christmas Eve Box filled with Pajamas, a book, movie, hot cocoa and popcorn.
16. Go on a Candy Cane Hunt
17. Leave Santa's Footprints behind
18. Make hot cocoa gifts
19. Go see Christmas Lights
20. Let the kids decorate the tree
21. Put a tree in your child's room
22. See a Christmas Play
23. Make and Send out Christmas Cards
24. Christmas Crafts
25. See a live Nativity Scene

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