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7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Wintertime can be so depressing. It is so cold and all a person wants to do is stay inside to keep warm.  If you're like me, I always seem to want to stay wrapped under a blanket, eating, reading and watching Netflix; however, habits like this can lead to the Winter Blues. Here are some ways to beat those pesky Winter Blues...

1) Go outside everyday for some fresh air and Sunlight-  Even if it's just for a minute, make sure you get some fresh air. You will be surprised just how much your mood will change and how much better you feel.

2) Get dressed- Get up and get dressed for the day even if you're not going anywhere.  Staying in pajamas all day makes a person feel even more tired and less motivated.

3) Take up a new hobby- Wintertime is the perfect time to try a new hobby that you have been wanting to try. I love doing crafts in the Winter. It's the perfect thing to keep busy!

4) Tackle a new home project or finish an existing project- Wintertime is a great time to do some inside renovations or cleaning. I've already started cleaning out my closets and I plan on painting my kitchen during these winter months.

5) Get out of the house- Bundle up and get out! Go see some family and friends. Being around those you love instantly makes you feel better. Some great Winter ideas are to plan lunch dates, go grab a coffee, go bowling, have game nights and host a dinner party. Just be Social!

6) Stay Active- Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't stay active. You can walk at a local indoor track or walk outside on warmer days. If it is absolutely too cold to get out, YouTube and Pinterest has plenty of indoor exercise ideas to keep you busy.

7) Do something you love- I love to bake and I love Photography. Both can easily be done in the winter just the same as warmer months. Bake some gifts for the needy, friends or family. Go on a Winter themed Photography shoot. Wintertime does provide one with some beautiful photos.

Make the best of Winter...Embrace it and Enjoy It with those you love!

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