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Renovation on a Budget: Painting

We all love renovating our homes from time to time. I would love to renovate my whole home, however; money won't allow me to. When I do renovations to my home, they are budget friendly. My most recent update is Painting my kitchen.

I have had this Farmer's Apple Red paint in my kitchen  and dining area since Justin and I moved into our tiny little home 6 years ago. I chose red because at the time, red kitchen's were the trend. I'm not sure if trends have changed or I have changed as I have grown older, but I knew I was tired of the red. It made my already small kitchen look even more smaller if that is even possible. It was too dark. It was kind of depressing actually. So a change had to take place.

Our living room is painted a Nutmeg Frost and I love the neutral color that it is, so I decided to make the $20 paint purchase at Walmart for the same color. I chose to do this because in all honesty I didn't want to have to repaint the living room. That would be too much work and more money that I didn't have to spend.

I'm glad I chose to go this route with painting my kitchen. It opened up the area and makes it appear much larger. Since my living room and kitchen are connected, it makes the whole house appear larger now that it is all one color.  It's amazing how a simple budget friendly renovation such as painting can change the whole look of a home and your mood. The red just put me in a bad mood, but this nutmeg frost seems to be a good mood enhancer. I'm sure I will get tired of this look in a few years, but I'm thankful there is such a thing as paint. A little paint can go a long way and make a big change. If you like the color of this paint I suggest the Glidden High Endurance Interior Paint at the Walmart Color Place. The Paint Color is 95212 Nutmeg Frost.

What have you painted that has made a big difference in your home?

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