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Food Allergy Awareness Week 2017

Our  3 year old son Raylan was diagnosed with a severe life-threatening Peanut Allergy when he was only 15 months old. We are told to stay away from all nuts because of his severity and the risks of cross-contamination. Within the last year, we have learned that Raylan also has a fish allergy.  Food allergies are a very serious matter and more awareness needs to be spread. Most people do not take Food Allergies Seriously. This week is Food Allergy Awareness week so please help me spread awareness that could help save a life.

Raylan is so severely allergic that we have to carry an  Auto Epi Pen Injector and Benadryl everywhere we go.  He is ingestion and contact allergic. He cannot eat anything that has been made in the same facility or on shared equipment where nuts and fish have been. Every single label has to be read very carefully. There are so many things that he can't have. There are also many restaurants that Raylan cannot eat at. Steakhouses like Texas Roadhouse that have nuts sat aside on tables for snacks are out of the question for us. Ice Cream Parlors are also a big No! There are only a very few select ice cream places that are safe for Raylan to eat at. Frozen Yogurt is actually our choice because they list their allergens above each dispenser and keep most yogurts separated from the others. We try to avoid Raylan's allergens at all costs. Food allergies are very hard on the child and the parents.  It is physically and emotionally exhausting. I constantly feel like he is being left out. I also feel as if I have to watch his every move. I am a Food Allergy Mama Bear but when it's your child's life at risk, you can never be too protective. Always use extreme caution when food allergies are involved.

Here are some facts you need to know about Food Allergies...

Some ways that you can help are by fundraising and donating to Food Allergy Research and Education.

You can spread awareness by:

  • word of mouth (educate everyone including your child)
  • wearing teal
  • sharing about food allergies on Social Media and using hashtag #tealtakeover and #foodallergyawareness
  • Download free resources to share in your community
  • Help host or volunteer at a community event
  • Do an Awareness Community Walk
  • Create your own events

Please spread awareness and help save a life! My son and all people with food allergies need to be kept safe.

For more information on Food Allergies please visit:

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