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Superhero Takeover Party

On Saturday, Raylan and I attended our first ever Superhero Takeover Party at our local community center. It was such a wonderful fun-filled day that left us with many wonderful memories.

 The Superhero party is an annual 2 hour event that takes place at the Roy F. Collier Community Center. You purchase a ticket for only $25. This ticket is for one child and one adult. The ticket also includes a free meal for the child.  Adults can purchase a meal if they choose.  With this party, children get to dress up as their favorite superheroes, meet their favorite superheroes, eat with the heroes and participate in many fun-filled games and activities.

Raylan's favorite Superhero at the moment is Spiderman. He only wore his mask for a short period of time so the Spiderman hat had to do.

At the beginning of the event, each child gets to walk across a stage to showcase their costumes.

Once the children were finished walking across the stage, they all have to sit in the floor to watch a motivational clip about being a hero and believing in yourself. Next they  heard a speech about how Jesus is the one true hero. I absolutely love how they incorporated Jesus into this event. It made my heart so happy.

Then the Superheros took the stage for all of the children to meet. This is when they excitement really began. They even got to meet real firefighters too. The Roy F. Collier Community Center has a group photo on their page of all the heros and children there together.

This is the flyer that was handed out at the event. There was so much to do! 

Raylan was brave and loved the Zip Line!

There was a little jail cell there, but Raylan didn't want to go inside for a picture. He said he wasn't a bad guy, so he settled for a police commissioner photo instead.

Every child received a Superhero ID badge. This is Raylan's real fingerprint. I love this little keepsake.

Raylan loved the Lego Station. He probably could have spent hours there if time would have allowed.

Spiderman and Spiderman! The superheros were all so very kind to the children. He told Raylan that he was the one who was the real hero and that he looked up to Raylan. He also told Raylan to keep believing in himself.

Iron Man was there handing out Cotton Candy.

Raylan's absolute favorite was the bungee jump. He wasn't afraid at all and kept wanting to do it again. He really had a blast.

This really was the best little event and it was well worth $25. Every Superhero that you can think of was there. Children got to enjoy inflatables, games, crafts and they got to fuel up on superfood. There was no room for boredom at this event. They even had a drawing for a bike giveaway. We made memories that will last for a lifetime! Raylan and I can't wait to attend again next year! The staff and volunteers at  Roy F. Collier Community Center went above and beyond to bring smiles to all children's faces. Our town may be small but they have big hearts who want to see children succeed and have fun. I'm proud to be from a small town.

Every little boy and girl who loves Superheroes dreams came true on Saturday! 

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