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Renovation on a Budget: Reclaimed Floors

I was so tired of looking at our carpet and wanted a change. I had been wanting hardwood floors for a long time, but our funds wouldn't allow it. However, one day when Justin and I were out on a date we came across the perfect idea for our floors.
Justin and I visited an outlet store that sold laminate flooring. They sold it in boxes of all one color that you would typically find at places like Lowe's. It was cheaper than Lowe's and most other places, but still it was more than what we could afford. When asking about pricing, we were informed about pallets that they also had of reclaimed laminate flooring. 

These pallets were only $50 each. However, they were not full of any one certain color. There were mismatched colors in both pallets. It would be a much cheaper route to go, but we would have to go with a mismatched flooring look. Guess what? This is exactly what we did.

This is a photo of a small area in our living room taken right before ripping up our carpet. Raylan wanted in the picture too lol.

This is another small area of our living room taken after putting down the mismatched reclaimed flooring.

We liked it so much that we also put it in our kitchen 

and since our kitchen and laundry room is so close together, we put it in the laundry room as well. After all of that, we still had plenty left over which is good just in case we ever want to put any in the bedrooms. 

At first, I was so hesitant about putting down reclaimed flooring. I was afraid that it would look terrible. It took a few days to get used to it, but I love the mismatched look. It gives our floors the stylish rustic look. It also opened up our small space and now it appears much larger.  There were some areas that we had to work on since it was reclaimed. Some places had paint spilled on it that we had to clean up, but for the most part the wood was well taken care of. We knew we were taking a chance when we bought the pallets but for $150, we couldn't pass this deal up. We purchased two pallets at $50 each and then had to buy the foam that goes underneath which was an additional $50. It wouldn't have been that much but we bought extra foam to make sure we had enough. By going this route, we saved at least $300-$400. I love my floors and once I get an area rug, I will be satisfied. This is what I call Renovation on a Budget. If you are looking to get rid of your carpet or just want to change up the look of your home, I highly suggest going the reclaimed route. You will save a lot of money! Some people have commented that I was brave for going with the mismatched look, but I like being different. I love the rustic look and I love that I was able to finally change up my floors without breaking the bank. It's a win for me!

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