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Day Trips in Kentucky: Carr Creek Lake

Having lived in Eastern Kentucky for nearly 30 years, I had never heard of Carr Creek Lake State Park. Recently, I was on instagram and saw some breathtaking pictures taken by a lady who lives in the same county as I do. I asked her where they were taken and she told me Carr Creek Lake State Park. I googled the name of the park, and to my surprise it was only an hour and a half away from me. How had I never heard of this place before, especially with it being so close? So my best friend Melissa and I took off one day to find such a beautiful place.

Carr Creek Lake State Park is located in a secluded area within the hills of Eastern Kentucky in a little town called Sassafras. When you are driving, you are basically traveling back country roads. You wouldn't expect to find such a gorgeous place hidden on some backroad.

We passed this beautiful little waterfall when we were near the park. I just had to record it.  It was so peaceful.

Then we made our arrival. Carr Creek Lake State Park has a beautiful Dam, a playground, campground, marina, hiking trails, picnic areas and their very own beach. Besides the waterfall, the beach was my absolute favorite. Melissa and I had to layout in the sun and go for a swim.

Visiting Carr Creek Lake was such a fun day trip. I can't wait to take Raylan back so that he can enjoy the beach. I know he will love the sand and water. It doesn't take long at all to travel and even if it does, it is well worth the trip. I love visiting places within my own state that I have never visited before. Day Trips are so much fun and they are budget friendly, especially if you pack a lunch. Where have you took a Day Trip to recently? 

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