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Last Minute Witch Costume

Are you wanting to dress up for Halloween, but forgot to buy a costume or just ran out of time? Don't fret, you can still dress up with this easy last minute witch costume

This is the first year that I have actually wanted to dress up for Halloween in a long time. Raylan said he wanted Mommy to be a witch, so that's what I did for his Halloween Party. I will also be a witch when we take him Trick or Treating. I couldn't justify purchasing a costume when it would only be worn just twice this year and then put in the closet and forgotten about. So I searched my wardrobe and came up with this adorable and easy witch costume.  Almost everyone has a basic black cardigan and a little black dress, so those were a given for the outfit. The little black dress is one that I wear to church or for everyday wear. However it is sleeveless, so the cardigan had to be worn for the costume as well. I sure don't want to freeze on these cool October nights. The witch hat was a basic $1.98 find at Walmart. I wanted to dress the hat up a bit, but didn't have time for that. You can also find the witch earrings and Halloween colored tights at Walmart . The witch broom was borrowed from a friend, but I saw some at Dollar General for $1. I didn't want to go all drastic and paint my whole face green, so I settled for green and purple eyeshadow and dark lips. It's the perfect look for a witch, don't you agree? So if you're on a budget or just ran out of time getting a costume, this adorable witch costume will be the perfect costume for you! Hopefully this look gives you some inspiration for your witch costume.

To achieve this look:

Dress//Walmart (Similar)
Heels// Show Show (Similar)
Necklace// Rue 21
Witch Hat//Walmart
Tights// Walmart
Broom//Borrowed (Similar

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