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20 Winter Boredom Busters for Toddlers

Winter is beautiful but it is so very cold. You are stuck inside most of the time during winter, especially if you have young children. This always results in cabin fever after a few days. Cabin fever is hard on everyone especially toddlers. Toddlers are always on the move and need something to keep them occupied. They tend to get bored very fast. So to keep the kids and the parents happy, here are 20 Winter Boredom Busters for Toddlers.

  1. Create an Art Center Station
  2. Daily Learning Activities
  3. Play Doh/Slime
  4. Costume Character Dress-Up
  5. Popcorn and Movie Night
  6. Create a race-track for Hot Wheels 
  7. Indoor Bowling Games
  8. Board Games
  9. Indoor Scavenger Hunts
  10. Hide and Seek
  11. Blocks/Legos
  12. Crafts
  13. Read Books
  14. Karaoke/Dance Party
  15. Inside Picnic
  16. Bake Cookies or Cupcakes
  17. Puzzles
  18. Coloring Books
  19. Hand/Finger Puppets 
  20. Doctor Kits- Let them doctor everyone up
These are tried and true ideas that keep my almost 4 year old busy for hours. It keeps him happy, so this momma is happy and not nearly as stressed out. So let's get through this Winter without being bored to death with these 20 Boredom Busters. You and your toddler will be thankful for these ideas. 

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