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Cozy Vest for Winter

Winter is beautiful. I love when God blankets the earth with a beautiful coating of fresh white snow and everything seems to slow down for a moment. Even though the season is beautiful, it is frigid at times. With Kentucky Weather, you don't really know how to dress during the winter. One day it's cold and the next the temps are up in the 50's and 60's.  However, I still prefer to dress cozy because you just never know how quickly the weather will change. I've never been one to wear vests but I'm loving this Black and Hot Pink Vest I snagged at Aeropostale. It has the perfect contract of black and pink to brighten up a cold winter day. I thought that this basic  stripe top was a good fit because I didn't want anything to take away from the beautiful colors of the vest. I opted for pale pink accessories and skinny jeans with tall black boots to complete this look. My main goal was to make the pink in the vest pop and I think this outfit does just that. It's a cozy yet stylish outfit that can be worn several times throughout the winter.  It's also an adorable style that can be worn  for Valentine's Day.

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