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Easy Self-Care for Winter Blues

Winter can be so beautiful, yet it can also be gloomy.  It seems like winter lasts longer than any other season. It is cold and most of the time you're stuck inside.  It really can be depressing at times, especially when you're snowed in. It's during these times that we really need to take care of ourselves. Self-Care is very important for all areas of our health. These are my favorite and easy self-care methods for beating the winter blues. 

Hot Drinks- My favorite thing to do is drinking  a hot cup of coffee or hot cocoa. There is nothing better than grabbing my favorite coffee mug and treating myself to hot delicious coffee. It soothes the soul, it smells amazing and it relaxes me. It gets me ready to take on the day or evening. 

Curl up with a book- I love to read, especially during the winter.  Grab a warm blanket, get some soft pillows and lose yourself in a good book. Winter time is also a great way to start a new bible plan or bible study. 

Candles-  I always enjoy lighting candles. Find a scent that is not too strong and let the glow of the candle relax you. I prefer summer scented candles that remind me of the beach to cheer me up. 

Open the Curtains or Blinds- Winter is dark and gloomy, open up the curtains or blinds and let some light it. A brighter home is always much more cheerful. I instantly get in a better mood and feel more productive when my home has plenty of light.

Pamper yourself- Winter is so harsh on my skin. It gets so dry and cracked. It really is very painful. Be sure to moisturize daily. Take a hot bubble bath, give yourself a manicure or pedicure. Get dressed up even if you don't have anywhere to go. Just do it for you.  You will instantly feel better about yourself. 

Go for a walk- Most of the time it's too cold to do much walking in the winter, however; it's good for you to get a little fresh air.  Go for a small walk even if it's just to the end of your driveway and back. Fresh air does everyone some good. It clears your mind and instantly makes you feel better.

Start a New TV Series- My husband and I love starting a new Netflix Series and binge watching all of the seasons. It's our favorite thing to do during the winter. 

Comfort Foods- Make a warm pot of chili, chicken and dumplings or soup. These types of foods are always good ways to cheer and warm up a person on a cold winter's day.

Be Productive- Clean out your closets, rearrange furniture, declutter the home or redecorate. You can also use the winter months to work on a new craft or project, bake or practice your favorite hobby. Staying busy is a great way to beat the Winter Blues. 

Music- Who doesn't love music? I enjoy turning up the music, especially when I'm cleaning. Music is always an instant mood booster. It's my therapy.

These are some Easy Self-Care Tips for Winter Blues. You will find that if you take my advice, Winter won't be so unbearable after all. We can make the best of Winter if we just have the right mindset. We have to be responsible for caring for ourselves and we have to be responsible for our own health and happiness.  So please take care of yourself!

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