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H54F: Baby Showers, Birthdays & Date Nights

Welcome to the weekly High Five For Friday link-up hosted by Tif @ Bright On A Budget, Katie @ Cup of TeaBecky @ BYBMG   and myself. We're glad you're here! High Five for Friday is where we come together to share five highlights or five favorite things from the past week each Friday.

1) On Saturday, Justin and I had a date night and finally got to use one of our gift cards from Christmas. We had a gift card for Texas Roadhouse so we went on a double date with my best friend Melissa and her boyfriend Phillip. It was a dinner celebration to celebrate Melissa's 31st Birthday. It was a great day all around.

2) On Sunday, my little family went to a cousins baby shower. This makes the second girl baby shower that I have been to this month. 2018 must be the year for girls.

3) Over the weekend, we rented the movie American Made with Tom Cruise. It was actually a better movie than what I thought it would be. I love popcorn and movie nights with my little family. They are always my favorite.

4) Justin and I have been dieting since this first of January. We have been counting calories and trying our best to make healthier food choices. I'm proud to say that I am down 4.8 pounds and he is down 10 pounds. I hope we can continue to do well and get healthier.

5) I can't believe that it is already February. Raylan will turn 4 on the 20th of this month. I wish time could stand still for a little while. He's growing up way too fast. Now it's time to kick the birthday party planning in overdrive.

This week's featured blogger is Brenda from Chatting Over Chocolate. Brenda has been a good blogging friend for a while now and I just love her. She is the sweetest lady that you will ever know. She is a Christian, wife, and mom who loves Disney World and travelling. I love hearing all about her travels especially to Disney. She has a great blog. Please stop by and say hello to Brenda.

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