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Entertainment: TBB Asks

Happy Monday Everyone! It's also the first Monday in May, so I'm linking up with my friends from The Blended Blog for this month's edition of TBB Asks. This month we are talking about Entertainment. Please feel free to join in on the fun!

1) Comedy or Drama? I'm a comedy type of girl. I'm always ready for a good laugh.

2) Fiction or Non-Fiction? Fiction

3)Movies in Theater or At Home? I love a good Popcorn and Movie Night at home with my crew. Movie Nights are my favorite.

4) Musical or Play? Plays...I've always loved to watch them.

5) Which Meal of the day is your favorite to eat out? Dinner! I enjoy having dinner with my family and hearing all about their day.

6) Favorite Book Ever Read? The Bible and my second favorite is The Notebook

7) Game Night: Yes or No? Yes! My little family loves having game nights, especially my son.

8) Favorite Outside Game to Play? Cornhole 

9) Favorite TV Series Ever? Justified

10) Sitcoms growing up or Sitcoms today?  Sitcoms growing up most definitely!

11) Miniature Golf or Bowling? I like them both, but probably bowling.

12) Favorite Movie Theater Candy? Reese Cups

13) How do you like your popcorn? Plenty of Butter and a little salt.

14)  3D Movie with the glasses; Yes or No? I prefer no glasses since I already wear glasses. Those 3D glasses annoy me anyway.

15) Favorite Genre of Books to Read? Romance

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