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Ocean Water Punch

Raylan and I have had such a fun summer swimming in our new pool! We've also had a trip to the lake beach closest to us. We've had playdates with friends  feeding the fish at the lake.  In fact, almost everything that we have done this summer has been water related. I love making fun themed foods and drinks for Raylan, so I thought that an Ocean Water Punch Drink would be the perfect treat to represent our fun Summer and for a pool party day!

If you would like to make this same Ocean Water Punch, all you need is these 3 ingredients plus some ice...

 A 2 liter or a small bottle of Sprite. I used the cheap Lemon-Lime Crisp Brand from Save-a-Lot.
1- 20 oz bottle of Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze
Sweedish Fish in any color

First add ice, then add a few Sweedish fish on top of ice. Next, fill half of the glass up with gatorade. Then, fill the remaining half of your glass up with Sprite. I prefer to actually use more gatorade than sprite. The combination between the two gives it a sweet and tangy punch like taste. Last, add a few more Sweedish fish on top of the punch to make the drink stand out. The whole point of the drink is to make it appear as if the fish are swimming through the Ocean.

Raylan and his friend loved this Punch at their Pool Party. They drank every bit of it and asked for seconds. Their favorite was the Sweedish fish. They kept trying to catch the fish with their straws long before they ever finished their drink. This is the perfect drink for Beach or Pool Parties and it represents Summer so well. It will certainly be a hit with all the young children at any party. It's also a great way to brighten up a gloomy rainy day and It's super easy to make. Just be warned that once you make it, your kids will ask for it every day! 

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