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Striped Summer Dress + Learning to Love Myself

If you would have asked me last Summer to wear this dress, I would have told you no! In fact, last Summer is when my mother-in-law bought this dress for me. I tried it on, but that is as far as I got to wearing it. I hung it up in my closet and that was the end of that. However, this year things have changed for the better with me. I have stepped out of my comfort zone a lot. I am now much more comfortable in my own skin. I wouldn't have worn this dress because I didn't like my wide shoulders. I have always felt that my shoulders and arms were just too big for me to wear many sleeveless shirts or dresses. I also wouldn't have worn a criss cross front top or dress for fear of someone thinking that it might be too low cut and someone judging me. I wouldn't want someone to think that I wasn't being modest. With that being said, I have learned to love myself more within the last year. I've realized that I will never be a small person.  I've always been big boned and there is nothing that I can do about that. I am who God made me to be. God loves me for who I am. Afterall, he created me in his own image. So, I certainly need to love myself because God doesn't make mistakes!

Sure I could stand to lose a few pounds, but that won't change the fact that I will still have bigger shoulders and arms than I would like. It's just who I am. I will also probably never have an entirely flat stomach and that's okay too. Afterall, I am a mom! I have many stretch marks, but they are just proof that I received the greatest blessing that I could ever receive which is my precious son. Also for the criss cross front part of the dress, there will always be someone judging you even if you wear a turtleneck. It doesn't matter what size you are or what you wear, people are still going to judge. I've learned in the last year that someone will always have something to say no matter what you do or what you wear. It's just people who are miserable and unhappy with themselves. Wear what you want, be who you want and live your best life.  As long as it's nothing vulgar and too revealing, I don't see an issue with what anyone wears. Modest is always much more attractive anyway! This striped dress really isn't very revealing at all. I don't know why I ever thought it was. As a Christian, I would never wear something too revealing. This dress is too pretty of a dress to let it sit in the closet and not be worn. Plus it certainly is perfect for this miserable heat wave that we've been having this Summer.  Step out of your comfort zone and wear what you want. Don't ever think you can't wear something because of what size you are or what someone else might think. Clothes are made in your size to be worn, not hung up in a closet and forgotten. Be yourself and love yourself! I'm so glad I decided to wear this Striped Dress this Summer because it certainly is a confidence booster. A special thanks to my husband who encourages me to wear dresses like this and never makes me feel bad about my shape or size. He always makes me feel beautiful no matter how I look or what size I am.

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